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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's Wrong With China

China is a big country, being the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada. It is also the world's most populous country with close to two billion people. With this advantage, it is a vast market for business and opportunities. You will profit much from your business since more people are buying and you can employ more people to work in your company with cheap cost. This is why China is called the Sleeping Giant because of its unlimited and boundless potentials. But together with its vast potentials comes flaws or downturns of being vast market with cheap labor and cheap products and services. They produce cheap products and services without considering quality and doesn't guarantee its consumers safety, protection and benefits. In the recent news that spread throughout rhe global community, the giant China has been the topics of the news following the controversies surrounding the products made in that country. From toys to foods and candies, many companies are returning products made in China because they contain poisonous or hazardous substance in the contents. Toys have high level of lead which is very dangerous to health most especially to children. Food contains the deadly substance formaldehyde, steamed bun called siopao has stuffs inside containing finely-chopped cartoon boxes, chocolates which have live maggots inside. These are just a few of the many scandals that rigged China - a country rising to be the newest superpower surpassing USA. By these scandals and controversies that put them in shame and humiliation, how can China redeem itself and put itself on the right track towards progress? We will see how China will do that. Anyway, history told us about China!