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Saturday, June 13, 2009


June 10, 2009 is the date where thousands of people march towards Paseo de Roxas ,Ayala Avenue Makati City, the country's business and financial district and launch a rally to protest the constituent assembly (CON-ASS) as proposed by the House of Representative. Some people and self-centered politicians thought that the railroading of the con-ass bypassing the Senate will make the amendments and revision of the old 1987 Constitution and is open for any changes including the term extension of the President. Furthermore, with the charter change they fear that the change of the type of government from presidential to federal-parliamentary will end the democracy in the country- the right to suffrage since members of the parliament, who were voted by the people, will be the one to elect a prime minister for the parliament. The rallyists are joined by the rebel-affiliated party list groups, and some of the church leaders.
On this pressing issue, I have my own opinion. CHrater-change or the amendments/revisions of the constitution will be good after the 2010 National Election when we already elected our new President, just to make sure that there will be no malicious motives for term extension that will be included in the amendments. Instead, included in the national election should be the names of the candidates which the people will choose as members of the parliament who will vote for the prime minister. We need amendments and revisions to the old obsolete 1987 Constitution because of its obscurity, loopholes, flaws and deficiency so we need to enforce a new complete, accurate and comprehensive constitution that will modernise the laws and policies that will govern our country and its citizens to be globally competitive and to meet or exceed the expectations at par with the global standards while uplifting the lives of the underprivileged.
EDSA People Power of 1987 is so popular and effective that we are addicted using it that we thought it would still be effective and will get so many sympathizers the way it does two decades back. Yes, we did the People Power once and the world nods and remember, do it several times is another thing. If we never learn from history and mature enough to move forward, we are doomed to repeat it. Poeple power also has been effective because of divine intervention once because it is way too much and so morally cruel that needs faith and prayer. But this time, there is a lack of cruelty and violence and the over reacting church should not interfere with the affairs of the state. There is a lack of credibility and justifications this time for the church to dip into the government issues. All we need from the religious leader is faith and prayer not their role and function in the state affairs. One more questionable authenticity of a religious leader is if he runs for a government position or rally behind protesters in support of non-sense political malicious causes. Instead, they should guide our people into a morally right way of life and should not be very vocal in meddling in state affairs. As the Bible says "No servants can serve two masters at once."
I now believe that too much democracy will not bring any good to our country and people. The right to vote should be departmentalized now, since votes can be bought, people choose ill qualified and incapable candidates and the underprivileged and also less educated people are taken advantage by those egotistic and greedy politicians by their bandwagon propaganda, fame and popularity and of course, money.
Democracy without boundary is like a house without a door. Anyone can get in and out even thieves that will rob you of your properties. Democracy, if abused, will lead to mobocracy, country ruled by mobs and anything that they dont like in the government, they will just bring in the street and will tell how the government will be run and governed and the country will be in chaos. Even with parliamentary form of government there is still democracy. These selfish politicians, who take advantage of the vulnerable use the tactics that with the start of parliament is also the end of democracy. The people who were in the rally last June 10, 2009 in Makati and other parts of the country were egocentric politicians, the leftist and rebel-affiliated party list groups whose only job is to sow terror and violence, disorient the people and wreck havoc through the entire nation and stir chaos and when they become successful will create a communist-form of government, some of the church leaders and the hapless vulnerable people of this country who just want change for the better.
I hope whatever will happen by 2010 will be for the good of the country, self less and unwavering public service and effective and efficient governance is all we need for the Philippines 2010!