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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Philippines’ Real Area of Territory

Philippines’ sovereignty is not only limited to its current geographical area assigned by the international geographers and the United Nations. The boundary of the country which we presently known is short, narrow stretch line that extends from the tip of Batanes Group of Islands down south to Tawi-tawi has been shaped by history caused by a historical event in the past, demarcated by geographers and formalized and signed into papers by the United Nations. What we don’t know is that the Philippines is a country of large boundary oozing with diverse nature, one of the Earth’s most spectacular exotic places. The real boundary of the Philippines stretches from the Kalayaan group of islands (aptly called “Spratly’s Islands”) to the vast area of Sabah.
Sabah, in Borneo, southwest of the Philippines, is just being rented by Sultan Kiram of the Kingdom of Sulu, Philippines to the sultan of Malaysia in the 12th - 13th century. Since then, the negligence made Malaysia forget to return Sabah to its rightful owner, the Sulu archipelago. On the other hand, Kalayaan group of islands (commonly known as the Spratly’s Islands) was discovered by Tomas Cabili, a merchant from Bohol in the 1950s and was a part of the Philippines in the ancient times partly because of the Philippines’ close perimeter to these islands that makes it an easy habitat or dwellings for our ancestors.
Malaysia has the obligatory and compulsory task of returning Sabah to the Philippine government if it will be mandated by the Philippine law, at the same time, China and other countries that mockingly lay claim to the Spratlys should stop their mockery and larceny that will make them liable and indicted for felony. They have, in no way, rights to claim in these islands which is rightfully owned by the Philippines if mandated by the Philippine law and constitution and consigned by the United Nations.
Kalayaan Islands or the Spratlys are geographically & historically significant to Philippine sovereignty while China and other countries only have the idea of colonialism & imperialism. China, however, should not be enraged over the Philippines’ lawful territorial claims but have an open mind, deep knowledge, rational & logical thinking, and don’t let greed, selfishness and pride dominate and rule them that will lead them to public consternation around the world but have a great humility and sincere, deep concern over its neighboring country. Don’t let this happen like what China deals with Taiwan and Tibet because it will only humiliate their respective countries to the global community.
This is just my personal conviction not just for the Philippines but for impartial, logical thinking and rational judgment while we are not meddling with China and other countries in their state affairs nor interfering or hindering their exploits and disputes for other territories and boundaries, so shall they stop meddling and hindering our rightful claims to these islands.
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