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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Corrupt Philippine Agencies

          One reason why there is not much progress in the Philippines is because of corruption. From the highest position of the land down to the local community leaders, bureaucratic corruption is sucking every efforts to change. Spanish colonial period's vices and abuses until Marcos dictatorship gave influence to modern day's robbery and burglary. From a simple bribery to multinational transactions, corruption is very obvious. Unless discipline and strong character is implied among Filipinos, this country would remain in the mud of poverty and threatened to be the next Africa if these problems persists in the next decade. Filipino are known to be both ostentatious and pretentious. They would love to pretend as wealthy and show off as if they can buy anything on Earth. This weak personality reflects today's government leaders. They pretend to be rich and influential in a third world country whose people are starving to death and homeless when in fact, they only use politics as a milking cow for people's money and thus, it becomes their business. What a shame! That is in contrast in the developed world's humbling experience. Leaders, while in position, never enriched themselves and they live an ordinary simple lifestyle when they retire.
         I will list here the Philippine government agencies who are worst in corruption until today. Even if you slap them in their faces, they will just give you a cold shoulder and keep pestering more on people's taxes, savings and contributions. That's how awful and sick they are. Well I will post them up here so everybody will know. Almost every Philippine government agencies are corrupt but these are the worst:

Bureau of Customs - every goods or equipment delivered thru the sea ports of call or airports are scrutinized and inspected by the agency to secure safe and legal transactions. However, because of the nature of the jobs, all forms of bribery is taking place including overpriced fees, take home confiscated goods & equipments, monetary lump sum (usually six digits). That's why all of its officials are not just wealthy but pot-bellied Goliaths. Har! har! har!

Bureau of Internal Revenue - collecting taxes or in other words, collecting people's money has never been this easy. Many aspiring Filipinos wish to work in this agency because this is the fastest and easiest way of enriching themselves. People working in this agency collects money and keeping a part of these taxes in their pockets! What a hapless country!

GSIS - (short for Government Services Insurance System) Troubles here and there. This Philippine government agency never run out of problems including but not limited to technical difficulties blaming IBM for its defective computers or its head, Winston Garcia never run out of explanations to its members, who were government employees both active and retirees, just to stash away millions of people's money. Garcia has deep friendship and closed ally of the President of the country so he is absolved from all the graft charges he is facing. By the way Winston Garcia is the brother of Gwendolyn Garcia, the governor of Cebu province.

DPWH - (short for Deparment of Public Works and Highways) this is another controversial agency for several decades already. Infrastructure and road project were either suspended or canceled because according to its officials it is lack of funding but it was found out by spies and government insiders that these officials are pocketing the amount that was budgeted by the government or the Congress appropriations. They are only working the projects during the election season to enhance their reputation among the voting public yet the project is still over priced so they can keep the rest of the money all to themselves. Now we are talking about railroading projects! Uhh, this is not a surprise but we are used to it!

TESDA - (short for Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) - This government department and training agency has been controversial in recent times. There is an overpriced purchase of the equipment and facilities by its head, Augusto Syjuco who is a businessman himself. The equipments, however are defective and of poor quality, inefficient and ineffective. There is a connivance between supplier and Syjuco according to an insider who accuses Syjuco of overpricing. Just like bribery, this is not uncommon in this country.

Housing- overpriced housing materials and finished homes have been controversial then and now .

DepEd - just like any other government agencies, overpricing of their proposed projects and purchase of school supplies. Just recently, it has been controversial due to overpriced noodles for their feeding project.

DOE (short for Department of Energy) - oil deregulation law was implemented by this agency to allow oil companies control over oil pricing and rates. Insider has it that the agency has connivance with the oil companies receiving incentives, rewards and bounty of benefits.

DOST (short for Department of Science and Technology) - they approve and patented inventions and discoveries to their own benefits or if they receive incentives and rewards from inventions. They reject inventions if they can't benefit or receive incentives or if they are envious of their fellow Filipinos' innovations and achievements.

Source: online broadsheet and articles