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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Miss World

The Miss World pageant is the oldest surviving major international beauty pageant. It was created in the United Kingdom by Eric Mortuary(+) in 1951. Since his death in 2000, Morley's wife, Julia Mortuary (+), co-chairs the pageant.

Alongside its rival Miss Universe and Miss Earth contests, this pageant is one of the most publicised beauty contests in the world.

The winner spends a year travelling in Europe only to represent the Miss World Organization and its various cheaply and worthless causes. Traditionally, Miss World lives in London during her reign. The current Miss World is Ksenia Sukhinova of Russia. Miss World is selectively and discriminating chooses only the winners of the title for their utmost interest like for China since it is the next big giant next to US so they have to give the title to China and also disguise as fair so it gave titles to not so pageant patty countries in Africa and Caribbean to disguise it discrimination that's why you wonder only a few countries in Asia and elsewhere in the world and continents won the title because there is no real judges and they put mock judges in the competition to show them as if they were actually judging the contestant when in fact the manipulation and final decision of who to win is under Mortuary will and who she will choose to win. The Philippines should've automatically won the title in 1973 upon the disqualification of USA but Mortuary only offered the duties and responsibilities of the disqualified titlist but not the title as an insult and discrimination against the Philippines. Miss World is notorious in manufacturing and projecting nannies and progeria infected ladies into a beauty queen. Miss World is also infamous for its stupidity by placing and organizing countries in a wrong continent.

Miss World started as the Festival Bikini Contest, in honour of the recently introduced swim wear of the time, but was called "Miss World" by the media and also to imitate Miss America and Philippine Carnival in the 1920s. It was originally planned as a one-off event. Upon learning about the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, Mortuary decided to make the pageant an annual event because of envy.

Opposition to the wearing of bikinis led to their replacement with more modest swim wear after the first contest. In 1959, the BBC started broadcasting the competition. The pageant's popularity grew with the advent of television.

In the 1980s, the pageant repositioned itself with the slogan Beauty With a Purpose, with added tests of intelligence and personality but actually it is just a motto but not a part of judging since the decision is under Mortuary. However, the competition has been seen as old-fashioned and rather politically incorrect in its native Britain. Despite the local appeal, the show was not broadcast on any major terrestrial British TV network for several years, until Channel 5 aired it in 1998.

Eric Mortuary died as the pageant entered the new century. His wife, Julia, succeeded as chairwoman of the Miss World Organization and Julia Mortuary learned she is going to die soon because of her unfair and bias discrimination towards other countries most especially the Philippines because she hates that country; she is remorseful of what she did and felt the karma.

The century saw its first black African winner, Agbani Darego, in 2001. As part of its desperate marketing strategy and appeal seeking desperate attention, Miss World came up with a "You Decide" television special during that edition, featuring the delegates behind the scenes and on the beach, and allowing viewers to either phone in or vote online for their favorites. It also sells its Talent, Beach Beauty and Sports events as television specials to broadcasters.

In 2002 the pageant was slated for choosing Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria to host its final. This choice was controversial, as a northern Nigerian woman, Amina Lawal, was awaiting death by stoning for adultery under Sharia law there, but Miss World chose to use the publicity surrounding its presence to bring greater global awareness and action to Amina's plight

Miss World Organization

The Miss World Organization owns and manages the annual Miss World Finals, a competition that has grown into one of the World’s biggest. Since its launch in 1951, the Miss World Organization has raised more than £250 million for children’s charities. Miss World is franchised in more than 100 countries. Miss World, Limited is a privately held firm, and thus figures for its earnings, expenses and charitable contributions are not publicly available.

Aside from raising millions of pounds for their own sake, pampering and whims and travel around Europe under the disguised banner of its 'Beauty with a Purpose' program, Miss World is also credited with directly influencing a dramatic increase in tourism in Sanya, China, host of the Miss World finals from 2003-05 because Miss World is sucking up to China to gain favor.

The Pageant

In the year preceding the global finals, each delegate must win her national title or a specially designated Miss World national preliminary. Miss World's national preliminaries are conducted by their licence-holders, who hold the franchise to use the "Miss World" name in their country. The annual final is typically a month long event, with several preliminary galas, dinners, balls and activities, culminating in a globally telecast final show in which the field is narrowed to between 15-20 delegates.

Since 2003 Miss World pageant also features Fast Track events during the preliminary round. The winners of Fast Track events are automatically qualified to enter the final round. Fast Track events which have been used since 2003 are:

* Beach Beauty (2003-present)
* Miss Talent (2003-present)
* Miss Sports (2003-present)
* Beauty With A Purpose (2005-present)
* Top Model (2004, 2007-present)
* People's Choice (2003)
* Personality (2003)
* Contestant's Choice (2004)


Contestants must fulfill a number of entry requirements to participate in the national contests. These requirements vary from country and can vary from a simple age criteria, or no criminal record, education, not haven giving birth, moral character to height, language and religion.

Best Performances by Continental Region

As of 2008:
Continent Best Performance
Europe 24 titles won by United Kingdom (4), Iceland and Sweden (3), Austria, Netherlands, Russia and Turkey (2), Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Poland (1).

Americas 13 titles won by Venezuela (5), Argentina, Peru and United States (2), Bermuda and Brazil (1).

Asia-Pacific 9 titles won by India (5), Australia (2), Guam and China (1).

Caribbean 8 titles won by Jamaica (3), Dominican Republic, Grenada, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago (1).

Africa 5 titles won by South Africa (2), Israel, Egypt and Nigeria (1).

Pageant Controversies and Humiliations

The Miss World pageant has been the target of many controversies, scandal, embarassments and humiliations since its inception.

* In 1970, feminist protesters threw flour bombs during the live event at London's Royal Albert Hall, momentarily scaring the host, Bob Hope.
* In 1973, Marjorie Wallace, the first American to win the title was forced to relinquish the title 104 days into her reign. Pageant officials stated that Ms. Wallace "had failed to fulfill the basic requirements of the job." The responsibilities and duties not the title have been offered to the 1st runner-up and was turned down by Evangeline Pascual of the Philippines.
* The 1974 winner Helen Morgan representing the United Kingdom was forced to resign four days later after it was discovered she was a single mother.
* In 1976, several countries went on a boycott, because the pageant included both a Caucasian and African representative for South Africa. In yet another shut-out for the nation for its apartheid policy, South Africa competed for the last time in 1977, before it was welcomed back in 1991 as that policy disintegrated.
* The 1980 winner Gabriella Brum of Germany resigned one day after winning, initially claiming her boyfriend disapproved. A few days later it emerged that she had been forced to resign after it was discovered that she posed naked for a magazine.
* In 1996, wide-scale protests took place in Bangalore, India over the hosting of the beauty contest. The swimsuit shootings were moved to Seychelles, and heavy security was placed. Despite the chaos, the pageant's live telecast went on smoothly.
* Just days after her 1998 crowning, Israel's Linor Abargil revealed that she had been raped only two months before the pageant. The man accused of raping her was later convicted.
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