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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Olympic Games: A Farce Circus On The World Stage

The greatest mistake and the worse slapstick on a world standard event is being showcased by a rumbling of sports mockery and deception - The Olympic Games. Here the stupid countries and territories are sending their athletes for showmanship and pride without knowing they become a subject of ridicule and satire. The world gathers and compete against each other, trying to outclass and outwit each other in an attempt to dominate the world in terms of economic, social and political supremacy. This is the 1st world countries' motives and malice hidden in the games mockery in front of billions of jeering audience watching on the site on in front of their television sets. Gold medals or first place are also given to African & black athletes in an attempt of hiding bias and discrimination by disguising it as an equal opportunity when in fact it is the clashing of the titans and the wrestling of superpowers and this is just a circus of mockery, deception and betrayal to know who's who in the world. Olympics lost its power because of decades of cheating, substance abuse enhancing performance, discrimination and bias judgment.
Because of this, people are now insulting, jeering, ridicule, with more public indignation, irreverence and condemnation over Olympics' gloomy reputation. They even make caricatures, sarcasm, jokes, and satirical innovative ideas, souvenir items, replicas, memorabilia and household items lambasting and slapping Olympic Games to its face. These are some of the items planning to be made with Olympic flag and other Olympic related symbols as its theme:

1. Olympic flag floor mat
2. Olympic flag feather duster
3. Olympic flag tobacco
4. Olympic flag napkin
5. Olympic flag diaper
6. Olympic flag condom
7. Olympic flag dartboard with motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius" satirically placed on board
8. Olympic flag pot holder
9. Olympic flag dish washing foam
10. Olympic-inspired anger wall wherein people can throw glasses and heavy fragile objects as big as television sets over a wall with portraits of Olympics and its symbol to release their anger and frustration
11. Olympic circus and carnival as mockery to the Olympics
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