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Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Do You Feel Living With Slum Dwellers?

What do you feel and what will you do if you live in a slum area where people doesn't work, set in a group and talk about other people's lives while watching their malnourished kids playing in the street. It is so depressing and so hopeless to just even look at them how much more living with them? Gross and I cant convince my parents to abandon the place cos of close-minded ideas sympathizing with these nasty and ill-mannered people. They are stinky, dirty and mongrels that is pestering on other people. I am dying living with these starving beasts of the wild and their stench is their prize of honor and pride. They live here in ________. How sick and disgusting to live with these formaldehyde smelling people. How do you feel and what will you do?