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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Barack Obama Receives Nobel Peace Prize, Highly Questionable

Barack Obama receives his coveted Nobel Peace Laureate at a grand lavish ceremony in Oslo, Norway last Thursday night along with 11 other Nobel prize winner. Obama was astonished by the award given him by the Oslo-based award-governing body who determined the winners. This year’s Nobel Prize is rigged with controversy and highly questionable award bestowed on Barack Obama since he was just newly installed President of US and that he had not made lots of contributions yet to society much more to world peace. The eleven other awardees who receive their prize along with Obama were also doubtful winners. Most people would think that Nobel Prize is just riding Barack Obama’s popularity and unfair, bias judgment, irrational decisions and illogical justifications made him undeserving for such an award. This gives us a conclusion that, like the Olympics, Nobel Prize lost its reputation, glory and prestige. It no longer bestowed the award to those individuals whose relentless efforts and selfless service made a difference and serves as an inspiration and hopes for many but the top prize goes to the stronger and famous making the Nobel Prize a popularity contest in which luminaries, celebrities who won the accolades and admiration of many will win the popular prize of Nobel just for the Nobel Prize to gain world prominence and notoriety. It is no longer honorable enough to be admired and respected but a mockery, a political satire throughout its entire 108 years of award.
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