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Monday, February 8, 2010

Third World Mentality In The Philippines

      If there is an event major local or international event or even history making, only Cebu or sometimes Davao or Baguio City are only given the opportunities and privilege to take part and witness and the rest like Iloilo City are taken for granted because they are ashamed of these cities and also due to the crab mentality of the people in the Philippines. Cebu is only given the opportunity at the same time Davao and Baguio City because people there are smart, trendsetter and ideal tourist spot while the rest of the country including Iloilo are home to stupids, criminals and very ugly or unpleasant to visit. Like the concert of American Idol Kris Allen, Jabbawockeez and Boyce Avenue last February 5 and 6, 2010, only Cebu and Manila are given privilege to watch them because they believe the rest of the places here dont deserve to watch events of such calibre. That is how the people in the Philippines wants to show or exhibit in the world. They also want to show the world that only two or three places in the country they can be proud of to show, the rest are rubbish. Because of the pampering, Cebu is like Africa or poor countries starving for fame and recognition. They are desperate to show the world that only them aside from Manila are the best even bending the truth just to seek popularity. Its better if sometimes we ignore these places and give attention and promote other places in the country. I know the Philippines is the next Africa because no matter what you do to improve the country it is resilient to return to old poor world mentality because of these manifestations.