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Monday, March 8, 2010

Mental Illness of the Cave Dwellers

       Few years ago, I observed that people here in the Philippines are becoming paranoid and it’s getting worse that they are susceptible to mental illness. It started here in Alimodian, Iloilo in the filthy and slum dweller community of Amparo St. that they become paranoid about everything on other people’s success or fortune to the point of gossip and backbiting due to helplessness, despair, weariness or just plain stupidity when they have nothing to do with their life. Most of these slum dweller in the area have little or no formal education that’s why they end up ignorant or close minded individuals. Their influence is so great that even the educated and the professionals are persuaded to become mal educated. They look forlorn and hopeless that I can either laugh at them, made fun of them or feel sorry for their insanity or mentally ill. The slum dwellers often referred to as “primitive cave people” who lives at Amparo St. Alimodian, Iloilo, Philippines includes Hilda Munoz, Morita Garillos, Miguel Garillos, Gerry Portin and Nancy Garillos among others. I post this blog for the purpose of knowing these people’s mental state for people who read this to understand the situation and diagnose their real condition. The following are symptoms of their paranoia syndrome which has a tendency to be a psychopath or a psychotic:

When someone is calling or sending text messages over the phone, they began to backstabbing that person by hearsays and gossip and do anything to interrupt or disrupt the activity by noise disturbance (by mouth or dilapidated and worn out makeshift motorcycle), insulting or even bullying the person.

They get envious and say hurtful comments to the person who goes to a very small city so loud that the affected person hears it and embarrassed. It’s as if they never went to the city once in their life and it’s the first time they saw someone goes to a city that they imagine what does it look like and how it feels to go to a very small city. They are not envious and does it bother them if someone will travel around the world to some of the most luxurious destinations.

If someone will wake up, someone is rushing to the well to fetch water. If the person is still sleepy and lazy to get up, they will keep banging the bucket they use to collect water until it worn out and broken to awaken fortune. It’s as if the person is being used as a token for the wishing well. It’s a moronic and retarded activity.

If someone wakes up from sleeping, these retarded people assumes that the person is having sweet dreams that they begin to insult the person, gossips, hearsays and hurtful comments and sourgraping loud enough for the affected person to hear. What a desperate a**hole or should I say a**hoe.

In a heated and serious discussion forum, a guest is discussing a serious pressing issue on a certain topic when all of a sudden, the moderator or host of the forum suddenly burst to laughter when there’s nothing to laugh about. The guest just smiled at her thinking she lost her mind and assumes she has her own little world and something on the underworld is whispering something funny to make her laugh that much. Poor lady she must be mentally ill.

When someone is about to say something great or if someone has lost his thoughts or someone gave an acerbic yet rational constructive criticism on someone, a person anticipatingly smile or laugh at that person in an insulting manner because of envy they don’t have that idea, onion skin or sensitive enough to be hurt and reject the idea or just degrading or undermining that person’s potential or idea. Poor people who has poor personality and poor character.

        These people are so influential that they can influence the open minded and elite individual to be as insane as them when they in fact, lead them into their pitfalls since they are envious of these people. We still have enough time to diagnose and give proper treatment for these side people, so as to lead better lives. What can you suggest?
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