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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Dysfunctional and Grotesque Group of People in the Philippines

          People of the laidback and terrifying small community of Amparo Street, Alimodian, Iloilo, Philippines are primitive cave dwellers by the way they think, act and speak just fell short of being a cannibal. They are pretty insane, grotesque and freak. They will envy you at anything even in the smallest nonsense things like if you are removing earwax or boiling water at the stove. They are residents of the place, visitors, guests, strangers or passersby who are really act, think and speak like animals, like a savage beast or harmful pest. You can visit and observe the infamous group of people as natural attractions or experience how worse they are if you can bear the filth out of them. They rank the equal and the same to the Earth's most isolated and uncivilised tribe of the Amazon river, Central America and Africa. I think they have problems with their brains, they act peculiar and weird and it has something to do with their damaged brains, the neurons have been severely affected. Their brains nerves and neurons should be re-wired and they should undergo a major brain surgery to fix the damaged parts. They are far worse than people suffering from mental illness and psychosis. They have the tendency to kill a lot of people. I want to leave this street because they are more dangerous every day.
          Anyway, after the celebration of December, the noisy and rowdy celebration of festivals to the beat of drums as we sing and dance for a week-long celebration in January designated as the festival months because the major festivals attracting thousands of tourists around the world happens during the month. The best and most popular festival and named the best tourism event in the country, Dinagyang Festival is happening on the 4th Saturday and Sunday of January. It is being held annually at the heart of Iloilo City, Philippines. You can see colorfully costumed tribes dancing in choreographed dance routines for the street dance tribal competition held since 1969. Afterwards, merry making wherein all people, guests, tourists and other visitors are having a street dance and party all through the streets of the city until through the wee hours of the night. Come and join the fun.
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