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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ugliest Miss Universe

10. Zuleyka Rivera (Puerto Rico), 2006
          If her predecessor will go down in history as one of Miss Universe deities, Zuleyka Rivera will be remembered as a nanny and skinny snake head fish lookalike who fainted and lost consciousness after the coronation night. Zuleyka becoming anorexic, pale and ghostly physical appearance as a bad image tarnishing the beauty pageants and beauty queens reminds us that there’s no need to deprive ourselves of nutritious food essential to our body and good health to follow the strict regimen of beauty pageant to strictly meet the standards and trim down to stay fit.

9. Stefania Fernandez (Venezuela), 2009
          Everyone was shocked when Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez was declared as the winner of Miss Universe in 2009 beating more than 80 other hopefuls. The not so gorgeous barracuda mouth lady who made history by making Venezuela the only back-to-back winner in Miss Universe history beating heavy favorites Marigona Dragusha of Kosovo, Iveta Lutovska of Czech Republic and Ada Aimee de la Cruz of Dominican Republic. During the final interview, she gave a vague answer to a question by Leon Talley giving a fragmented answer by making a bold statement making her the most stupid Miss Universe ever.

8. Apasra Hongsakula (Thailand), 1965
          Thailand surprised the pageant world in 1965 when the unassuming simple young lady in the name of Apasra Hungsakula conquered the Universe. This countryside image of a young lass who captured the hearts of the judges but frowned by some is the shortest Miss Universe ever towering at only 5 ft. 4 inches tall.

7. Margareta Arvidsson (Sweden), 1966
          Margareta Arvidsson became the first Miss Universe to be also awarded the coveted Miss Photogenic trophy. Although she is adjudged as beautiful by the jury, there is nothing special about her physical appearance to be awarded such merit and face wise, she is not a Miss Universe material only because she does not measured up to the loveliest faces of the queen.

6. Martha Vasconcellos (Brazil), 1968
          The second Miss Universe winner from Brazil, she is a clear favorite to win the crown. Before and after the pageant, acid test of her real and natural beauty surface. There are flattering angles on her pictorials but a number of her head shots shows that she looks matured, wrinkled face, old and weary haggard of all the pressures required by the pageant. A more deserving winner would have been Anne Marie Braafheid of Curacao.
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