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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ugliest Miss Universe

              Every year a billion viewers around the planet tune in to watch the most prestigious and glamorous gathering of the most beautiful women of the planet – Miss Universe. We are not only awed and dazzled by the spectacular show, lavish productions and fun filled activities of the ladies that cannot be seen in other pageants like Miss Earth but also dumbstruck by the jaw dropping gorgeous women taking the center stage and hugging the limelight wherever they go leaving us breathless.
          Inasmuch as we are mesmerized by the titleholders as a woman of substance and beauty, there are quite a few number of Miss Universe title holder who doesn’t fit the bill or not the conventional beautiful. They break the golden rule of a titleholder which is a beauty from within and out . We will regard them as the topsy-turvey beauties who defy the subjective definition of a beauty queen. Only one disclaimer though – I don’t mean to offend anyone most especially pageant lovers and fanatics of their respective beauty queens but this is just my opinion and this is my perception as beauty is visible to the naked eye but still beauty is in the eye of beholder.

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