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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stupid Ignorants People Bragging About Their Stupidity

Where in the World can you see people still brag and proud about their stupidity and want others to pay attention to it? They are primitive cave dwellers who are desperate enough for life as if they are deprive of all the necessity and the luxury this world has to offer. They make some noise, hear says, rumors, gossips and any abnormal behavior and actions to get someones attention and disturbances to disrupt you of your peaceful living. It is their laurel or reward if they got someones attention because for them that is the only thing they can do in their lifetime and since they can't afford the luxury of traveling places, they inflict harm on others who has a lifestyle far more better than they do because they are envious of others so the only way to avenge and have ease is to harm others. I have mixed feelings for these people. I am a bit annoyed and disappointed for these disturbed people because they are really sick and desperate in life and they will end up miserable in death at the same time felt sorry for they never experience a comfortable, convenient and entertaining living which some including can afford to do sometimes. I am just amazed that this kind of attitude is not true or does not reflect to people of other race, culture, group or different background even if they are primitive, secluded and uncivilized still they live the usual living happy and satisfied. The only thing is that the primitive sick stupid ignorant people here are exposed to civilization and luxurious convenient lifestyle so they react that way. I felt sorry for their misery and sooner when the people they envied for are here now and tomorrow will be leaving for another place or migrating to another country, only time can tell and peace will come to them for a lifetime. That is the only way.
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