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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Highly Doubtful Google Adsense I Will Never Trust It Again

Google AdSense 
Credibility = Highly Doubtful 
Reputation = Very Low 

anyone, wanna try? 

            If they said that I am just retaliating because they ban me for life, just read the several forums online and worldwide indignation that this ad programs of Google is a big question. I am also raising my eyebrows to the rest of Google Products and Services. Yes, Yahoo might have encountered several errors and glitches and losing their spot to their main rival, Google but I feel and believe Yahoo is truthful, honest and open to people unlike the hideous and creepy and even frightening Google. I am just hoping that Yahoo has their own ad serving program that will not suspend or ban for life their publishers for light or redeemable violations.