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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dorian Gray

Handsome. self- effacing. egocentric. Affable. influential. powerful. charismatic and haunting mass appeal. narcissistic. hurt. brokenhearted. lonesome. weary and haggard. lost. gone in vain. Such descriptions portrays one of the most illustrious fictional literary characters of all time - Dorian Gray.

His is a life of simplicity and beauty yet yearns for something more - more that it doesn't satiate him or fulfill his wants. He wants to look better that only makes him pampered just to attract or to please someone. He fell in love but then again failed, brokenhearted, and hurt. His homosexual character let grow fonder, make him a better person and most of all, it is where he found his happiness - his true love!

But life has never been kind to him instead he suffered a bitter revenge - a price he must pay for being vain, arrogant and apathetic. At the point when he realized his mistake, learn to love more and was a kind, gentleman, tragedy befell him - he died.

He died without given a chance to redeem himself, to appeal his case, to justify his reasons and live in peace and bliss. His life is sweet turned bitter - unfortunate and tragic.

Read about his story and after you finish reading about him you may either love him, curse him, hate him or empathize of his ill-fated life. How I hope I will never be under the spell of the same misfortune as Dorian Gray but only retain beautiful moments and luck in his life!