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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Last Words of Respect To The Caveman

      He lives through the gory of caverns or dusty dugouts he made for shelter. He lives without the comforts of a chair or bed and doesn’t even own a television, telephone or computer and is disconnected to the rest of the world – yet through a simple 19th century lifestyle living remotely and reclusively he found solace, serenity and happiness, and is also a key factor for his longevity. Times change and even his loved ones abandoned him still he lives in contentment and he rarely goes to church however he frequents reading the Bible. I admire his simplicity but his awkwardness prevents other people to stay with him giving him a solitary life and he also proves us that anyone can survive and live through the harsh and ever changing world today independently on their own. He teaches us not to be afraid of the future, of growing old and being alone because no matter what, strong and fighting spirit will ever be triumphant over adversity and oddity. I salute and honor you, Richard “The Caveman” Zimmerman of Idaho for living a simple yet dignified living. Here’s my toast and respect to you.
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