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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Floyd Mayweather A Real Underdog

       The claimant for the so called “pound for pound king” title, Floyd Mayweather came back from retirement in boxing agitated for Manny Pacquiao being hailed and proclaimed as the pound for pound king. Manny Pacquiao agreed to fight Floyd Mayweather to settle the argument of who is the real pound for pound king however Floyd Mayweather required Manny Pacquiao a random drug testing within the month before their fight using his blood as a condition before he fight him. At first, Pacquiao was hesitant to take blood from him within a month of their fight so the fight didn’t take place instead they were given different opponent of which their managers agreed upon.
        Just a few months back, Manny Pacquiao agreed on the random drug testing just to fight Mayweather to please the people and defend his pound for pound title. What’s ridiculous is that Mayweather is looking for a way or reason to avoid fighting Pacquiao by saying that he must rest AGAIN for a year or two even if he only fought two prize fighter upon her return because he is scared of the Mexicutioner of his lightning fast punches and quick offense. Mayweather cowers and curled his tail towards himself to show his cowardice and extreme fear of Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather is only good at bragging himself as a king but a misnomer but urinating on his pants when talking about Manny Pacquiao. He is a senior citizen of boxing and should permanently throw his towel in the ring if he wants to rest for a year or two because he has nothing to prove now aside from making a living from his career to compensate for his debts and bankruptcy. How ironic it is for him to claim as the pound for pound king when he is shivering and teeth grinding of the thought of fighting the new and REAL pound for pound king!
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