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Monday, January 17, 2011

Filipino Achievers 2010

           There are lots of stories from the past year in which we can reflect, inspire and learn from and move into the future. Some of the stories are compelling and some are disappointing, some are annoying but some made us very proud.
         Filipinos every year make some noise and stories that really make the year noisy and boisterously happy. Their stories of struggle, unwavering determination and indomitable spirit brightened the days of the country and make the Philippines beautiful where it is smeared with controversy, tragedy, strife and crimes. They will always be the epitome of triumph and inspiration and will always be imprinted in our minds that once these achievers made us who we really are. These are just a few of the Filipino achievers in the past year.

J.R. Celski

The Speeding Olympian in Vancouver

In the world of winter sports where the white and a few Asian skaters reign supreme, a Filipino-American in the name of J.R. Celski break the barriers of frigid zone and went on to win the bronze medal in the men’s 1500 m short track speed skating during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada in February, 2010. He later joined his US men speedskating team in the men’s 1500m relay short track speed skating to win the bronze medal.

Dennis Sabangan

FIFA World Cup 2010 In The Eyes Of A Lensman

Watching the world’s most popular sport being watched by millions in live audience and billions of others in their television is one thing. Capturing images, stealing snapshots and candid scenes for news and documentary of the history making event is another. Being held in the African continent for the first time in history of the World Cup, the world hooked up on the emerging South Africa on its transformation and handling the event showcasing their potentials and vast talents and also the best of Africa has to offer. Documenting as part of history and news that matter by way of pictures is a privilege given only to a select few lucky ones and one of them is Dennis Sabangan. He is given the chance to cover the now world’s biggest sporting spectacle defeating the Summer Olympic Games, due to his previous works, accomplishments and credentials. FIFA World Cup in July 12 is highlighted on the finals when La Furia Roja (The Red Fury) Spain won the World for the first time since it first participated in the very first World Cup in 1930 beating the three time World Cup runner up The Netherlands. The sport is covered by a photographer from a country who doesn’t enjoy soccer but basketball and boxing yet Dennis Sabangan deliver the goods.

Tim Lincecum

The Pitcher Who Strikes Gold

In U.S. baseball, only the Japanese professional players made it big in the World Series making names and hauling a lot of wealth. A Filipino named Tim Lincecum broke the monotony and pitched for the San Francisco Giants to be the mighty winner of the World Series. The honor he brought became the first ever win by San Francisco in the history of the game and he is also the first second-year player to win the 2008 and 2009 National League Cy Young Awards. His clever, unorthodox and unconventional method of pitching and success in baseball earned him the title “The Freak” and “The Franchise”.

Maria Venus Bayonito Raj

The Rice Paddy Beauty Queen

Skinny, corpse like and witch like lass living in the middle of the rice fields as the tease and taunts she heard from her school mates, who will ever notice a lady this ugly. His mother is the exception who keeps inspiring, encouraging and lifting her low spirit and telling her to prove them wrong and that molds the mind set of the young Venus Raj. Her mother’s soft and gentle words became her motivation to persevere for her dream to become a beauty queen someday watching as the most beautiful woman crowned as Miss Universe and wondering how she can join it. Walking through the rice paddies became her training ground and perfected her catwalk skills and joining several beauty pageants in school and in their community harness her craftsmanship in the art of beauty pageants. She joins Miss Philippines Earth and ended up a runner up and two years later joined the Binibining Pilipinas national pageant in which she was crowned as the winner and automatically gave her the honor of representing the country in the upcoming Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 23. Her courage, perseverance and unwavering faith cannot deter her to fulfill her dreams of competing at Miss Universe beauty pageant as the scandal surrounding her birthplace took place days later, a desperate move by some envious of her title so that someone could take her place because she is just poor as some elitist wanted  a lady coming from a prominent rich family to represent the country in Miss Universe. She ended up 4th runner up to Miss Mexico Jimena Navarette in a splendid ceremony held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada on August 23, 2010. Ever since making history that will put her as a classic exemplary woman, she has become a youtube sensation, drawing crowds swarming like bees and having lots of videos pertaining to or related about her. Graduating with honors in college despite of poverty, struggling through life with her family despite her longing for her father, her unwavering faith, confidence and courage braving against all odds just to fulfill her lifelong dream of competing at Miss Universe is truly endearing, awe inspiring, more compelling and truly an epitome of a woman’s substance and earned her a legion of fans around the world before, during and after Miss Universe.

Nicole Scherzinger
The Popular Dance Group Sensation Swaying In The Reality Show Competition

Who doesn’t know the popular lead singer of the sexy girl group Pussycat Dolls? Her exotic gorgeous looks along with her equally stunning members compliments their sexy chilling voice prove to be effective capturing the hearts of teens and younger adults all over the world with their catchy tunes and soft boneless body move who slithers like a snake. Capping her lifetime career as a dancer, she was invited to compete for the Fox Channel’s Dancing With The Stars, a reality dance show competition of celebrities, partnering with the professional dancer Derek Hough. She proves her superior skill, perfected her craft and easily made her into the finals topped by her favoritism over her opponents making her that season grand winner. Her expertise, precision, impeccable dance routines and flair in dancing is too inevitable not to be noticed.
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