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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Filipinos Sarcastically Laughing At Problems

Congressman Manny Pacquiao is being convinced by other politicians and groups to run for presidency in the future. He is pictured here as a woman considering his affiliation to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He is heavily criticized because he has recorded patriotic and nationalistic songs in the market today yet he is earning dollars or foreign money, working and has properties abroad.

            Filipinos nowadays are fond of laughing sarcastically even at a slight provocations of other people speaking their usual negatives, acerbic commentaries, views and opinions on Philippine social issues recurring for over a century. They laugh at people who always say bad about the sad and hapless plight and conditions of the country. Some famous celebrities, politicians, broadcaster, reporter and journalists are known to have horrendous, maniacal laughter. They admit that it is already a hopeless case but refuse to accept the reality. It signifies the fall and hopeless case scenario of the doomed country and laughter, as a means of self-denial, is their best antidote, defense mechanism to counter or to block negative sentiments to sink into their sense and make them realizes about the grim realities of the country.
        The Philippines is really helpless and hopeless about anything bad and worse happening affecting the country. Recent news like execution of three Filipinos in China due to illegal drug smuggling, a fugitive statesman who returned to the country and resurface after a year of hiding, divided nation because the very vocal and influential church condemned the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill in Congress meant to control population boom or explosion and avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the endless bureaucratic corruption from the time of colonialism until now even worse, the Armed Forces of the Philippines as the worst offender are just a few of the problems that will never vanish in the country always haunt them that eat their senses, rational thinking. These problems are endless, recurring and no solutions from the personality, attitude or character of the people here, you will know that indeed a cursed hellish place to live. People are slave of ignorance and immaturity. The only solution left for other decent, clean and honest people are to pack their clothes, leave the country and settle for good in another country. Sad but true so all these vulnerable slaves can do is to laugh and laugh and laugh and make some sarcastic comments and satire about others. Sorry doomed country of the Philippines only a glimmer of hope come from some few provinces and cities in the country who lived in peace, honesty, orderly and harmony.

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