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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Amazing Race Season 19 Finale: My Bet To Win The Race , Is It Jeremy and Sandy?

On Sunday, December 11 (Monday, December 12 here in Far East Asia and the Pacific) is the season finale of The Amazing Race 19. I made a bet with the CBS which created and produces the show of who will win and if I guess it right, I will work for them. We will see if I win the promises will be kept and fulfilled. My five teams bet to win this season's race were Jeremy and Sandy, Marcus and Amani, Ernie and Sandy, Andy and Tommy and Laurence and Zac (although the latter two teams are already eliminated from the show). Three of the five teams I bet are racing for the $1 million top prize and whoever wins from the three is already assured that I got the right bet. The strongest team to win is the team of Jeremy and Sandy but the other two Ernie and Sandy or Marcus and Amani may pull some surprises and may even take it all. Watch out on Sunday of who will win The Amazing Race only on CBS in US, Star World in Asia and local television stations around the world.
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