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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Message Conveyed Through My Dream

I dream of something beautiful this afternoon. I am in the mall looking around when all of a sudden four people carrying a patient in a mobile stretcher. They are striding on my way upstairs to the highest floor of the mall towards where the theater is located. Then I realized the familiar scene I've seen on a popular tv show and it comes to my senses that the show is brought to life. A lot of people are going upstairs to see the movie on the theater so I went with them. There are a lot of people going up and down the narrow stairs of the big mall that people are squeezed by the jostling crowd in the stairs. I am always waiting for the stair to clear of the massive crowd and when the stair is clear I continue climbing upstairs to the highest floor where the theater is located. I take my time in climbing but sometimes when the stairway is clear and there are a lot of space in front of me and some people behind me are in a hurry, they ask me if they can go ahead so they can reach the top as soon as possible and I allowed them gladly and all of them who ask are women. When I am almost at the top, the stairway becomes shaky and fragile and there is a tendency to crash and topple down but still I continue making my way to the top. When I reached the top, the stairway is still shaking and the floor near the stairway is only made of plywood but beyond that in all other area in that floor is made of concrete solid material that can withstand a strong earthquake. I became shaky and afraid that I wanted to go down to the ground floor but a guy in his twenties blocked my way in the stairway and stopped me. He even threatened me that if I really decide to go down he will push me or make me crash to the ground fatally and I became so afraid much more to the taunting and teasing of another guy behind me. I am very afraid at that time and undecided when I suddenly woke up. When I regained consciousness, I realized that this is the guide to life much more the way to success. I need to prove something. I need to triumph and be victorious despite the insurmountable odds.