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Friday, June 7, 2013

Miss USA 2013 Contestants Says...

          Miss USA 2013 is heating up nowadays with lots of fun filled activities and worthwhile campaigns or charities for different causes and charities chosen by the Miss USA and Miss Universe Organization leading to the preliminary competition on June 12 wherein 51 contestants which represents 50 states and the District of Columbia will compete for swimsuit and evening gown and one lucky contestant chosen by popular online votes will advance to the semifinals and complete the top 16. 
          Meanwhile, to prove that beauty is not only skin deep but also from within I ask the contestants two (2) questions via twitter and know what they have to say about it. Here's what they have to say: 

           Remember every question counts and every words matter 

In this digital age (Social Media), everything is made public but what do you think should remain private? 

   "your personal life, your relationships!" 

   "I believe in using social media in an appropriate manner that allows you to still maintain a level of privacy that protects you" 

   "I think anything that would embarrass you or your family, or that would call for further explanation should be kept private!" 

   "live by this golden rule: Will my parents/family be proud or embarrassed. If it's the latter, keep it to yourself. 

   "I think that's really a subjective question as it depends on one's personal feelings and comfort. For me, I try to keep my personal life and the personal lives of those around me to a minimum display." 

   "Your current location when posting on social media should remain private for safety reasons, unless "checking-in"." 

   "Conflicts with others should be something that remains off the Internet and should be handled personally rather than publicly" 

In light of recent violent events and catastrophe, what do you think will keep us safe now? 

 "Our trust in law enforcement and faith in humanity will get us through. There's safety in numbers so we must work together." 

"The world has haters. That is fact. Accountability is key to end global bullying. stilling the affluence of hatred." 

"...the faith and belief that the communities of the USA can remain together and stay strong!! #Merica! Happy Memorial Day!"

 "there's no way to predict the future or the actions of others in relation to the recent violent events" 

 "What we can do is support one another, support our military & emergency responders and continue to be united." 

"obviously we have let some things slip through the cracks lately. I'm an advocate for tighter security all around. We need to be able to have trust and faith in our Government to keep us safe. The freedoms we enjoy are not free- we must earn it. We all can do this by being upstanding citizens & contributing members to society... By making the best choices we can e/a day." 

 "the only thing we can be sure to stay safe from is fear. And the only way to do that is with faith!" "Education will protect us. Acknowledging the problems and demons that exist today and then developing a way to cope & move on"