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Friday, January 10, 2014

Beauty Pageant Questions And Answers

Question: Some cosmetic companies are marketing beauty products for girls in the elementary schools? Do you think this is a good thing? 

(Question Asked by Activist and Dancing With The Stars Contestant and Ex-Wife of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills to Pennsylvania, LauRen Merola) 

Suggested Answer: While it is not a big deal for the boys in the school, beauty products being promoted in schools for young girls will not cause any alarm or something that can cause a negative impact on both the cosmetic company and the young girls intended by the products as long as certain things must be met and considered. Beauty products presented should be first and foremost general or basic beauty products only like baby powder and shampoo. It should be environment friendly and no harmful side effects. They must teach these young girls that whilst these skin deep enhancements will boost their self confidence and image, what matters most is that they have faith and belief in themselves that they are beautiful and powerful and that personality and just being who you are are still the most important thing because that defines who you are that no beauty products can conceal. 

Question: In some countries when you turn 18, you are required to spend a year in the military. Do you think it should be enforced in our country? Why or why not? 

(Question Asked by San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Shawne Merriman to Texas, Crystle Stewart) 

Suggested Answer: We are living in a democratic country wherein people has the freedom to choose. Military draft should only be for people, men and women who choose to serve their country in the armed forces in fighting and defending our country's sovereignty and safety and security of our people aiming for the welfare of our nation and its people. We can also be nationalistic and patriotic in serving our country in other countless ways in the spirit of volunteerism and camaraderie to show our love for our people and our country. 

Question: If you could help one famous person to better themselves, who would you pick and how will you help them? 

(Question Asked by Project Runway Season 4 Winner Christian Siriano to Oklahoma, Lindsey Jo Harrington) 

Suggested Answer: I would like to help President Barack Obama to better himself since he is the leader of a country whom people looked up to lead them and to inspire them. I will help him boost more confidence and to enhance and emphasize his charisma to capture the hearts of many to cooperate and be with him. I will teach him the power of empathy and to show more kindness when times really need it. Lastly, I will teach him the virtue of humility and simplicity to be more warm, friendly and more humane and to be a good example of a good public servant. 

Question: There are parents today who raise their children without letting them watch any television or look at the internet, what is your opinion on this? 

(Question Asked by N'Sync Former Member and host of NBC's The Singing Bee, Joey Fatone to New Jersey, Tiffany Andrade) 

Suggested Answer: I understand and believe that those parents who doesn't want their children keep in touch with the times and get connected to the world wants to raise them with good family values and virtues and a life that centers only about themselves. However, to avoid living the world of ignorance, they must have some exposure to these kind of technologies.These children also need to get informed, to get connected to the world to be aware of what is happening around them and also to keep at pace with the times. 

Question: Has being a woman, a beautiful woman giving you any special opportunities in your life and if so, how would you use it in a positive, constructive way? 

(Question Asked by FX's Nip/Tuck actress Kelly Carlson to Mississippi, Leah Laviano) 

Suggested Answer: Here I am now on this stage competing with other equally stunning, accomplished women being watched by millions across the country. So I think being beautiful does not only give special opportunity to realize your dreams, achieve your goal or even champion your cause or advocacy you believe in but also gives you the reason to reach out to many people, show some kindness and inspire the uninspired. This is the real definition of beauty, inside out.