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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

THE SIMS 4: Emotional States, Benefits And How To Acquire Them?

The Sims 4 Emotions

The Sims 4 already features the ALL-NEW emotional state or simply emotions in your Sims that is so powerful it affects social interactions and relationships with other Sims, leveling up the skills, their careers and even their whole life. Emotions which greatly influences how your Sim behave or react and also help you fulfill Whims and Needs which in turn earns you reward points which you can use later to purchase Rewards which will make your Sim’s life a little bit easier, convenient and happier. Emotions make your Sims become independent and have a life of their own aside from the full autonomy you given them if you don’t assign any task for them and it can also unlock special interactions based on your Sim’s current mood or emotions. Here are the different emotions, their benefits and what are required to achieve the emotional state. Remember you can increase your emotional state a notch higher if you do multiple task required (e.g. doing multiple tasks can make your Sim Very Focused, Very Inspired, Very Energized etc.) and also Paintings which has their aura enabled can also obtain a Sim the emotion it emits as well as social interactions. 

Emotional Traits


-       Regular mood for Sims who fulfill needs

Benefits: perform household chores, repairs and upgrades, function properly at work, can interact friendly and nicely with other Sims

Requirements: Satisfy the needs at least average (yellow bar), read books, watch tv, listen to radio, play, browse or do something with PC, tablets or mobile devices

Superlative: Very Happy

-       Ideal mood for just any skill, interactions and career

Benefits: level up skills, career advancement or promotion, happy interactions

Requirements: Acting on your Sim’s traits, Fulfill needs, fulfill whims, fulfill career tasks and ultimately get promoted, make nice, kind and healthy interactions, read books, do household chores (based on Neat Trait)


Superlative: Very Confident

-       Suitable mood to gain friends, gain skill and defeat opponents in matches

Benefits: ideal mood to level Charisma, make friends and relationship faster, can convincingly make other Sims laugh by your jokes or any funny interactions, win a fight by those with Mean Trait

Requirements: cook food, Self-Assured trait, Psych Self Up in Mirror, View Confident Work (monolith or art made by a painter)


Superlatives: Very Flirty, Passionate

-       Essential mood to get Romantic or to woo someone and have an intimate relationship

Benefits: level Charisma, more effective Romantic interactions thus making an intimate relationship or fling with someone is quicker or faster, enables someone to find a love of their life faster to complete Love aspiration, can serenade, paint and even write with this emotion

Requirements: Clean Up or Talk in the Mirror, Try on Outfits, Takes a steamy shower


Superlatives: Very Playful, Silly, Hysterical

-   An ideal mood to have fun, make friends, woo or flirt with someone, entertain people, level comedy skills to complete Popularity Aspiration and even help in the advancement of career in the Comedian branch

Benefits: helps in increasing the relationship status, career advancement in Comedian branch of Entertainer career, help to make friends

Requirements: Goofball trait, Digging deposits, getting time capsules, collecting MySims trophies, perform jokes or comedy routine, funny social interactions, take bubble bath, cook Silly Gummy Bear pancake (when you are Level 3 in Cooking Skill and in Playful mood when you click the stove), watch funny videos on Sim tv on computer, watch Comedy shows on television, playful decor


Superlative: Very Focused

- The mind of a Focused Sim is sharp and clear.

Benefits: required in some Career promotions and also helps in leveling skills faster

Requirements: Genius trait, ponder moves on chessboard, read a book or use a microscope, Research Gardening at Computer (Web & Research Gardening), use a telescope, Browse Simipedia at Computer (Web & Simipedia), make mathematical diagram and hang in your room or workplace, finding elements in the World, fish, play games,


Superlatives: Very Energized(NA) / Very Energised(UK)

-       The required mood to pumped up the day’s activities

Benefits: level Fitness Skill to complete Athletic Aspiration

Requirements: Active trait, Take a brisk shower, Bro trait (watch Sports TV), collecting elements such as Peach, Diamonds, Orange Topaz, and Simanite, Researching workout tips on computer, eat High Protein energy meal, drink Energy juice


Superlative: Very Inspired

An Inspired Sim has tons of creative ideas begging to be expressed!

Benefits: enables your Sim to paint to level their Painting Skills, paint masterpiece, advance in their career and complete Creativity aspiration, enables your Sim to perform creative things like playing Instruments to give a rousing and beautiful performance thus leveling up their skill like guitar, violin, jokes thus advancing in their careers and also enables your Sim to write bestsellers, level their Creative Skills

Requirements: Creative trait, Admire arts, Take A Thoughtful Shower, read a book, doing creative things (writing, singing, playing instruments etc.), Browse Art in Computer, completing a Painting, Research Art References, Critique Paintings, and Gather Inspiration (from Painting Career), listen deeply to boombox, Research Guitar on Computer (level 2 on Guitar Skill)


Superlatives: Very Angry, Enraged, Furious

-       The usual mood of the Hot-headed, Mean and Evil Sims. Negatively affects interactions. Sims tend to be more aggressive. 

Benefit: level Mischief Skill to complete the Deviance Aspiration, can make your Sim paint Angry or Mad Paintings

Remedy: A punching bag can be used to relieve the Sim from the Emotion. Also, the players can try to calm down an NPC Sim with the emotional state. 


Superlative: Very Sad, Depressed

-       Mood when a Sim is upset or disappointed with something. It's hard for a Sad Sim to hang out with other people. Changes how Sims approach actions and their style of walk.

Benefit: can paint lonely or sad paintings

Requirements: This emotion can occur when negative events happen to Sims such as losing a competition, the death of a family member, and having a new sibling. It can also be caused by a low social need or randomly by the Gloomy trait. 

Remedy: Try a pep talk in the mirror or a good cry under the covers!  


Superlative: Very Uncomfortable

-  This emotion occurs when a Sim has negative moodlets relating to their low needs or when sleeping in a cheap bed, using a cheap shower, or eating badly prepared food or spoiled food.
   No Sim enjoys feeling Uncomfortable and worn out. Make sure their Needs are in good shape!


Superlatives: Very Tense, Stressed

-       The mood of a Sim who is unable to have fun, when there’s a fire, or upset with someone or group of people. A Tense Sim doesn't feel like doing much of anything.

A Sim does the more stressful variants of actions. Will occur when a Sim's fun need is low. 

Remedy:  Try taking a nice bath or relaxing in front of the TV!


Superlatives: Very Embarrassed, Mortified

-       When a Sim invaded the privacy of someone or if he has an awkward conversation or situation

Requirements: Can be received from being humiliated in a discussion while multiple Sims are present, having a bladder accident, or by walking in on another Sim bathing or on the toilet. If a Sim becomes Mortified, he or she runs the risk of death. 


-       If a Sim is not having fun for a certain period of time. A Bored Sim won't feel like doing anything that isn't fun. Try out some new fun activities!

Requirements: Occurs during social interactions with Sims. Also, randomly occurs when children and teens come home from school, or when a secret agent Sim researches intelligence on the computer.


-       A Sim has witnessed, felt or experience something embarrassing or astounding

Requirements: Can be received when losing a fight, being electrocuted, or drinking a bottle of daze from a cowplant.


The Sims 4 Emotions Wikia

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