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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Harsh Reactions On A Philippine Couple Wedding Cake

A high-profile couple in the Philippines tied the knot in a high-profile way Tuesday -- with an elaborate ceremony followed by an elaborate reception that featured a massive wedding cake.

The nuptials between actors Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera were watched with bated breath in their native Philippines, aided by the major news network there that covered the wedding with a live blog and social media feeds.

The wedding day was also documented by the couple’s fans, who call themselves “The DongYanatics” and used the hashtags #DongYanWedding and #DM123014 to get the wedding trending on social media.

The centerpiece of the couple's reportedly Italian feast wedding reception menu was the couple’s wedding cake, which the GMA Network describes as a “five-tiered wedding cake standing over twelve-feet tall.”

Dantes and Rivera's reportedly 3-D wedding cake was made by Goldilocks, a pastry company endorsed by Dingdong, according to a "The DongYanatics" Instagram post.

"This 3D mapped cake for #DM123014 is beyond words! According to Pinky Yee of Goldilocks, it took them 1 month to make this and that it was @dongdantes' idea," the post read.

The current record-holder for the world's largest wedding cake is a 15,032 pounds made by chefs at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino in Connecticut and displayed at their New England bridal showcase in 2004, according to the Guinness World Records' website.

The couple's wedding reception venue was, as described by the GMA Network, the “enchanting and lavish” Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay, Philippines.

The venue’s website says it has a capacity of 15,000 seated and a “full house” capacity of 20,000.

This is the link to the news:

Philippines Couple Celebrates Wedding With Massive Cake

Here are some of the people's reactions: 

Freud strongly believed males obsessed with large objects have very small penises.

I don't even see the point about arguing how much these people should spend on their wedding. The people complaining must be the grandchildren of Stalin. No matter what condition the Philippines is in, it's still a free country the last time I checked. Yes there's the color red on the flag directly below the blue, but I haven't heard the country being called the People's Republic of the Philippines, yet. Why get so emotional over a stupid cake. They want it, they paid for it; you people must deal with it...

Do you think all 15,000 attendees got to sample the cake?

And I suppose this is a guarantee that theirs will be a happy ever after? I give them a few years.

It's grand wedding, but the cake is tacky. It's way too large and high, it over power the couple standing next to it. It looks ridiculous in actuality.

It took a month to make costing them P7M and they will feast on a stale cake that is a month old? LOL...... Really people, size and cost seems to be their fixation. I just hope she does not get disappointed on their honeymoon night with something really small since she is so used to big things now, hahaha.

Celebrity weds with a parade of bishops/priests. Whereas the common people need to pay a huge sum for a priest to officiate their wedding.

Filipinos are obsessed with celebrities while the south is reeling from a typhoon. The least they could do is move the wedding out of respect to those affected by the calamity.

Shameful display of opulence in a nation that starves!

How much of the cake was wasted and discarded? I personally wouldn't want to eat cake that was a month old. I guess If you can afford the over the top cake more power to you. I personally think its ugly.

Meanwhile right outside the venue is thousands of poor filipinos that eating rice and a piece of pork for P50!

Itigil nyo na ang pambabatikos sa kasal na ito dahil wala na kayong magagawa, nangyari na. Naitae na ng mga kumain yung cake at namamahinga na ang mga labi ng cake sa fosa negra at sa pilapil (doon sa mga walang sariling palikuran). Kung anu-anong walang saysay na haka-haka ang iniimbento nyo wala rin naman kayo binatbat at sulusyon jan sa ginagawang panloloko sa inyo ng gobyerno nyo. Pati mga taong walang kinalaman sa paglutas ng problema na dapat ang mga hinalal nyong namumuno ang hingan nyo ng solusyon nililigalig nyo. Sino ba ang binabayaran na galing sa mga buwis nyo? Itong dalawang ikinasal tinupad nila ang katungkulan nila bilang mga alagad ng pinilakang tabing. Nasiyahan naman ang mga taong nagbayad ng kanilang mga pelikula, hindi ba? Ano ang iniiyak nyo sa ginawa nila sa kasal nila? Tama na yang pakitang tao dahil kung kayo rin ay kasing yaman nila baka hindi lang ganyan ang gawin ninyo. Kaya tama na ang pagtatago ng tunay sinasaloob nyo na taglay na inggit sa mga budhi nyong maiitim!!!

And so say the Filipinos...it's perfectly ok to show off your hard earned money because you publicize your charitable contributions. Screw the majority of the country who live in
EXTREME poverty. That is the problem with the VERY few who are "blessed" with their usually ill-begotten wealth. They always have to rub it in. Nothing to do with jealousy/inggit, just pure insensitivity that they explain away as wanting to share their moment with their "fans".
Think first about what you post. You have no idea what the "poor and impoverished" really feel if you have a computer to post your ignorant comments on. And stop idolizing movie stars! This is part of the reason the country is in shambles, movie stars are voted into government and nepotism is king! And yes, I am Filipino!

How delightful...in a nation of starving people...lets show everyone how important we find ourselves to be...by having a wedding cake 9 feet tall made. I hope they choke on it.

i hope they were able to feed some less fortunate in the streets of the philippines with that ginormous cake

the size of that cake sure can feed a city there

P7M for the cake. That's ridiculously expensive! Sounds inflated to me..........

Well Pig out!

this is good, let the hungry just watch them eat this thing

1 month to make??? I wonder how would it taste??

Ugly name and gaudy cake.

Millions of Pilipinos starving, is it really necessary to have this big of a cake ?

In Philippine showbiz, if their relationship last forever ( or for a long time), good for them. If not.......waste of time and money.why should I know? I worked in Philippine production before.

Too bad they didn't spend some of their millions on helping the poor and orphans.

Stupid couple

"A rich country pretending to be poor??"" Hhhhmmm...... perhaps it is the other way around, "a poor country pretending to be rich"!! If I were those celebrities, I would have held a quiet, private, simple wedding and donated money to the victims of the typhoons and other natural calamities in the Philippines......but, of course, it is Dingdong's and Marian's prerogative to hold that lavish wedding. Oftentimes, celebrities (whether in the Philippines or another country) have those lavish events to show off......and after a few years, they file for divorce or annulment of their marriages. Funny........but, true.

Putrid big cake

we can not tell the successful people what to do their money but if they have human hearth and make more than enough. they should invest their money to create job for jobless people.....but somehow pride and selfishness pre-occupy in human mind, that's why when successful people become more successful but poor become more poorer....

Enough to feed a village.

Please idiots, stop suggesting that these two people could solve your country's ills by not having a big cake on their wedding day. Even if the guy's name sounds funny, they don't deserve to be lectured on how to be a good citizen of your country. If they are paying the right amount of taxes to your government, that's about the extent of what they are obligated to do to fulfill their duties to your constitution besides voting. They are actors and not gods or politicians. Is that the reason why you keep turning celebrities into politicians that really never failed to give nothing but shame to your country? I just can't get the point of your contention over a giant wedding cake.

For those foreigners/Non-Filipinos : the quoted price of the cake was not true because it has never been disclosed. The cake served as a gift from Goldilocks, one of the product endorsements of the groom. 2ndly, the groom is rich even before he entered showbusiness so I don't think it's a crime to spend that much since he can afford it. 3rdly, The groom and bride Have been VERY ACTIVE with philanthropic activities for years, as a matter of fact the groom has his own CHARITABLE organization , Yes Pinoy Org, which helps to send street children to school . The bride has funded a lot of projects like Smile Campaign that helps those children to take advantage of free operation to correct clift palate and cleft lip (you can check Smile Train Philippines' website) and the biggest project she had was the Adopt-A-Boat project. She was able to fund and raise money to buy 300 boats for fishermen in Visayas that were affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Dont be hypocrites, they have done a lot of things for others and I think to they deserve to enjoy their hard-earned money.

Cant help not to react to the negative comments of those not of fans of this wonderful and very good couples! For your information this two celebrity couples are not corrupt and this occasion to their life is once in a lifetime event,so it is their right to have their wedding done in a way they like. They are rich now because they work hard for so many years in showbusiness as Actors and Actress,they saved their money just for this occasion.They are also good people who always lend a helping hands to the needy and when there are disasters in our country. So dont judge them because of what the pictures are shown but try to know this two people first then you'll know why they have lots of fans and they did this also for their fans sake and wishes. Happy New year to everyone!!! Hoping for happiness and love to everyone here!!! :)

The Philippines has been dubbed as one of the corrupt country in Asia, and the the citizens driven by poverty and high unemployment rate seems to be hopeless as to the moment of their salvation. It is too early to prejudge their fate, but the most awaited time is just lingering around the corner. Yes, the time of Moses will eventually felt by the populace very soon. The discovery of 2.6 trillion barrels of oil in the area makes the Philippines much wealthier than all of the Middle Eastern Nations combined.

Soon, an exudos of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWS ) will be returning home to harvest the fruits of the land. My encouragement to all my fellow countrymen is to be Positive and set aside self-interest and grudges against one another. Soon, all these corrupt politicians and other government officials who enriched themselves with the nation's treasury will fall like banana trees being chopped down.

The wedding of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera is a private affair that should not be linked to the lives of poor Filipinos. They deserve the once in a lifetime enjoyment of their wedding day. My CONGRATULATION to the newlywe d.


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