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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas Song Translation

The song is sung by Miss Sharon Cuneta, a local Philippine actress and was the official theme song of the 1986 movie of the same title. I love the song so deep, so enthralling that makes me sob and teary eyed. You can sing the song if you want. Here is the music of the song with the single cover of the song with Sharon Cuneta in the picture. Included also here is the English translation of the lyrics. It is the official theme song of the movie of the same title "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas" which was released in 1986 starring Sharon Cuneta, Dina Bonnevie, Cherie Gil, Dindo Fernando, Tonton Gutierrez and the late Jay Ilagan among others. 

Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas
by Sharon Cuneta


Sana'y wala nang wakas
Kung pag-ibig ay wagas
Paglalambing sa iyong piling
Ay ligaya kong walang kahambing


Kung di malimot ng tadhana
Bigyang tuldok ang ating ligaya
Walang hanggan ay hahamakin
Pagka't walang katapusan kitang iibigin

Kahit na ilang tinik ay kaya kong tapakan
Kung iyan ang paraan upang landas mo'y masundan
Kahit ilang ulit ako'y iyong saktan
Hindi kita maaring iwanan
Kahit ilang awit ay aking aawitin
Hanggang ang himig ko'y maging himig mo na rin
Kahit ilang dagat ang dapat tawarin
Higit pa riyan ang aking gagawin

Sana'y wala nang wakas (sana'y wala nang wakas)
Kapag hapdi ay lumipas
Ang mahalaga ngayon ay pag-asa
Dala nang pag-ibig
Saksi buong daigdig (saksi buong daigdig)

Repeat II
Repeat Chorus

‘Di lamang pag-ibig ko
‘Di lamang ang buhay kong ibibigay
Sa ngalan nang pag-ibig mo
Higit pa riyan aking mahal, ang alay ko

English Translation

Wish it will never end
If love is pure
Tenderness by your side
Is my happiness without comparison

If not forgotten by destiny
Put a halt on our happiness
Infinity will be cursed
Because I will love you endlessly


I can step on the thorns no matter how many
If that's the way to follow your path
No matter how many times you hurt me
I cannot leave you
I can sing just how many songs
Until my melody is also yours
I can cross just how many ocean
I can do more than that


Wish it would never end
When the pain has passed
What is important now is hope
Brought by love
Witness by the whole world

Repeat II
Repeat Chorus


Not only my love
Not only my life to offer
In the name of your love
More than that my love, my dedication/offer
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