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Friday, April 10, 2015

World Cities Nicknames and Labels

Here are some of the world's cities nicknames and labels:

Algiers, Algeria - Paris of North Africa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - means "New Flower"
Baghdad, Iraq - Most Romantic City of the Arabian Nights
Baltimore, Maryland, USA - First Catholic City in the US
Bangkok, Thailand - Venice of the East
Beijing, China - The Forbidden City, City of Cities
Benares, India - Holiest City of India
Berlin, Germany - Formerly divided city of Germany
Bruges, Belgium - City of Bridges
Budapest, Hungary - Minneapolis of Europe
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Largest City in Latin America
Damascus, Syria - Oldest City of the World
Geneva, Switzerland - Seat of International Conferences
Hammerfest, Norway - Northernmost Town in the World
Holyoake, Massachusetts, USA - Paper City of America
Java, Indonesia - The Garden Island
Jerusalem, Israel - Oldest Holy City of the World
Khartoum, Sudan - means "Elephant Trunk" 
Kethikan, Alaska, USA - World's Salmon City
Lima, Peru - City of the Kings
London, England - Third Largest City in the World (after New York and Tokyo)
Madrid, Spain - where Dr. Jose Rizal studied medicine
Mecca, Saudi Arabia - Holiest City of the Muslims
Mumbai, India - Largest City in India
New York City, USA - America's Greatest Seaport and Financial Center
Pagan, Myanmar - City of Four Million Elephants
Paris, France - City of Lights, famous for its Eiffel Tower, one of the tallest in Europe
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - City of Brotherly Love
Pisa, Italy - famous for its Leaning Tower
Prague, Czech Republic - City of Hundred Towers
Rome, Italy - Eternal City, City of Seven Hills
Tokyo, Japan - one of the most richest and thickly populated city in the world
Tronsoe, Norway - Capital of the Arctic
Vancouver, Canada - Canada's Gateway to the Pacific
Venice, Italy - famous for its gondolas, Queen of the Adriatic
Vienna, Austria - Queen of the Danube

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Travel Destination, http://view71.com/eiffel-tower-at-night-paris-france-wallpapers-hd-wallpapers/eiffel-tower-at-night-wallpaper
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