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Friday, July 10, 2015

Watchful Eyes' Miss USA 2015 Feisty Patriotic Final Picks

Fifty-one (51) contestants coming from the fifty (50) states and the District of Columbia struts their stuff, walk the runway, show their pose, elegance and personality last Wednesday night, July 8 at the Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Competition. Along with the preliminary interview with all the contestants done the next day, the preliminary competition which shows the ladies compete in the evening gown and swimsuit round will determine who will make the first cut of 20 semifinalists. 

Miss USA 2015 Finals is on Sunday, July 12 (8 pm, ET / 5pm PT) LIVE from Baton Rouge River Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Reelz Channel and Miss USA official website. 

Back by the sound of Katy Perry (Dark Horse) and Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith (La la la), here now is my final pick of favorites for the crown of Miss USA 2015 based on the preliminaries with the official cover of Miss USA 2015 contestants with the theme of Stars and Stripes in the Old South. 

                                    1. Rhode Island - Anea Garcia 

                                     2. Oklahoma - Olivia Jordan 

                                      3. Texas - Ylianna Guerra 

                                       4. Arizona - Maureen Montagne 

                                            5. Colorado - Talyah Polee 

                                            6. Maryland - Mamé Adjei 

                                7. Michigan - Rashontae Wawrzyniak 

                                         8. Alabama - Madison Guthrie 

                                                 9. Utah - Nicol Powell 

                                           10. Florida - Ashleigh Lollie 

                                  11. South Carolina - Sarah Weishuhn 

                                              12. Ohio - Sarah Newkirk 

                                          13. Kentucky - Katie George 

                                          14. Minnesota - Jessica Scheu 

                                       15. Louisiana - Candice Bennatt 

                                      16. Nevada - Brittany McGowan 

                                          17. Illinois - Renee Wronecki 

                                          18. Kansas - Alexis Railsback 

                              19. Massachusetts - Polikseni Manxhari 

                                         20. Georgia - Brooke Fletcher 

                                                              Rising Up: 

                                                  Virginia - Laura Puleo 

                                          Mississippi - Courtney Byrd 

                                              Missouri - Rebecca Dunn 

                                             New York - Thatiana Diaz 

                                          California - Natasha Martinez 

Photo Source: 

Miss USA Official Facebook Page
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