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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Most Captivating Instagram Images Of Every Philippine Provinces Part 1

The Philippines, Pearl of the Orient, literally has 7,106 islands and 7,106 beautiful reasons to greet and welcome everyone. One can describe the country in countless of ways but these stunning visuals will convince anyone to start making their bucket lists and head their way to the following destinations.

Much has been said of other countries most especially the most popular tourist destinations in Asia like China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Korea but only a few heard of the priceless and timeless beauty of the Philippines which was also one of the less promoted destinations around the world. 

A lot of people are saying that the country is always marred by violence, terrorism, crimes, rampant corruption and gives them the impression that the country is dirty and untidy, very hot and humid with lots of social, political and environmental problems as sensationalized and exaggerated by the news let alone few campaigns and marketing discouraging the tourist arrivals although what is really within the country belies all of those and quite the exact opposite for the most part.

These 81 provinces of this country proves to anyone that this country is really an underrated gem of the Orient.

These pictures taken by Instagram users both amateurs and professionals best represent each of the 81 provinces of the Philippines. To view the rest of their photos, you can click their highlighted Instagram accounts and for additional info and details. Get ready to pack your bag as we show you a series of images from broad north to the deep south and from the vastness of the Pacific coasts to the magnificent side on the west.

This is the first part of eight series.  


Surely there are lots to see in every provinces of the Philippines and this one in Abra is one of them. @marcusneil is fond of walking through the depths of his native Abra and passing in one of the most picturesque bridge in the province is something inevitable for him to capture.  

@phfirstofficial took this Instagram photo of a local who is enjoying getting wet while in awe admiring one of his province treasured pride, Lobot Eco Park in San Juan town. There are 575 images of Philippines' best in its official account collected from various Instagram users both amateurs and professionals.

Agusan Del Norte

This southern Mindanao province of Agusan del Norte has lots of history to tell. While visiting a local museum, @wanderjon took this photo of an artifact believed to be an original balangay, an old plank boat used by ancient Filipinos for migration travel and trade during the precolonial period. 

Another beautiful place captured by @vjlastimado11 in his native Agusan del Norte is this efficient and beautiful use of cave rocks with its water dripping towards the pool in Butuan. Simply stunning.

Agusan Del Sur

The southern Philippine province of Agusan del Sur is teeming with diversity as captured by conservationist @ivanhenares. The Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest swampland in the country boasts of countless number of endemic species of plants, birds and other animals. Migratory birds from all over the world make this area their temporary habitat for winter. It was on this area where Lolong, the world's largest saltwater captive crocodile in history was captured.

This province also never runs out of beautiful waterfalls and Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City is just one of them captured by @rizzarn.


This Western Visayas province located in Panay Island is famous for its white sand Boracay beach among the world's best and its popular, exotic mardi gras type Ati-atihan Festival. However, another attraction in the province posted on Instagram by @thetirelesspilgrim is the Nabas wind farm, a series of wind turbines erected atop the mountain of Nabas town overlooking the whole Boracay Island.

Boracay Island is the most popular beach party island in the Philippines and there are lots of things to do there outdoor activities, leisure, dining and shopping. Puka beach on this photo taken while on vacation by @nastena_happy_ for Instagram is on the peaceful, more private part of the island. It's one of the comelier side of the island for those who wants peace, serenity and tranquility.


This province in the Bicol region lies outward towards the Pacific Ocean is the home to the Mayon volcano and beautiful outdoors. Albay is all about fun, thrill and excitement as one can experience and seen in pictures such as this Instagram photo taken by @rj.egon of his friends while having fun riding their ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) toward the foothills of the famous symmetrically perfect Mayon volcano. 

@shesheblanche wants to picture out her native Albay as something that could mend broken hearts, dissolve troubles, forget about problems and issues as well as relieve anxiety by capturing the perfect location - Cagraray Eco Park Ampitheater overlooking the Misibis Bay.


This underrated Western Visayas province located at the western portion of Panay Island has lots of awesome places to welcome everyone. One of these is the sprawling Malalison Island off the coast of Culasi town. Pictured here is @stardustliz having a moment in the rolling hills overlooking the ocean. 

@aphroditescruz wants to showcase all interesting, all pampering and all relaxing province that having a sauna like kawa bath in Tibiao town exemplifies that is in Antique. These century-old "kawa" (giant woks) were once used to make muscovado (brown sugar) when Antique province in the Philippines used to produce sugar during Spanish colonial times. Now, the town has turned them into unique herbal bath tubs!


From the hinterlands of the north one can have restful respite like @benedictopatrick breathing the fresh air of the pine trees and enjoying the breath taking view of Apayao. 

@the_philippines is a collaboration of photos from residents and visitors alike and one stunning picture from the collection best represents Apayao is the mouth of Lussok Crystal Cave and Underground River in Luna town.


@johnpaulely has a vivid memory of this Cental Luzon province facing the Pacific Ocean taken among its cliffs - everything is nostalgic. 

Among the shores of Aurora province are abandoned houses such as these captured by @joeyarmas23.


Among the least favored province because of its reputation is also among the most unlikely province to be exploited by unscrupulous, abusive visitors but thanks to @blueaujeans and we have a glimpse of Basilan's best kept secrets - Bulingan Falls in Lamitan. 

@moveslikejeber gives us a gentler, pure image of a tainted province with their Malamawi Beach with a sand that so immaculately clean and powdery fine that could rival the more popular Boracay Island.


The historic naive province of Bataan has its significant contribution in Philippines' past and how their people value it is clearly manifested in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Balanga. This masterpiece is a wonderfully recreated replica of old, colonial Spanish districts of Manila and towns in Bulacan, Pampanga, Ilocos and Laguna. @eunram is so smitten with this elegant place at twilight. 

@daphnebrylle heads up to the mountains of Bataan to do the Tarak Ridge hiking and inhale the breath taking view of the whole province on the summit.
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