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Saturday, July 2, 2016

My The Sims 4 Images Part 46

Reading in the camp ground of Granite Falls just near their rented homes.

Wow Travis Scott and Luke Gooch are making love for the first time in their rented cabin home in Granite Falls on their vacation.

The rare Will-o-the-wisp made its appearance here at midnight.

Poor Travis there's no more space left in the bedroom of the hermit so he slept in the couch. His other friends even slept outside in the garden and in the fields.

Adorable squirrel running at night

Here Luke Gooch is sleeping in the garden of the Hermit

Modified one of the rented cabin homes in Granite Falls

I put a fountain with lots of lights and special effects and of course a swimming pool and speakers for partying.

I also put some gaming mats here for gaming enthusiasts and so that they will bore themselves here.

On the basement of the cabin home I put some more beds and more space here just in case more people are going here and even some guests who went here as much as 1000 on a given day.

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