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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Celebrating 1000 Posts

This marks the 1000th post on this page on its eight years of existence. Throughout its eight colorful years, Watchful Eyes Of A Silhouette blog have seen highs and lows and some dramas behind it.  It used to serve Google AdSense but the strict ad serving Google strictly removed my account from their system after they thought of inappropriate multiple clicks done by me. I tried to appeal to Google and reverse the decision but it was final and permanent so I left with no choice but to maintain this blog without any ads. This prompts me to almost give up on this blog and close it forever but then again I realized I've already done some milestones and somehow progress on this blog just to close this so I decided to just maintain it and I am hoping to serve ads on my blog in the future to continue running this blog. There are also requests of reviewing their products and promote their tourist destinations before but I was not able to do it but hopefully next time I would. However, the most unforgettable is that when someone tried to buy this blog to own and publish his own articles on this blog noting the global audience reach of this blog already however I decline because it took me years to build this just to sell it to someone. I can only offer co-authorship for a hefty price of course. This way the blog will continue to evolve and grow through the years.

This is how this blog went through until it reached its 1000th post and hoping to have more productive and exciting years and posts ahead on this blog. Let's have a toast and cheers to 1000 and beyond!
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