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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Miss Universe 2009

We temporarily stop updating the coverage for the FIFA World CUp 2010 South Africa to give way to the coming pageants. Miss Universe will be the first and opening of a series of beauty pageants this August in Bahamas since it is the most glamorous and most prestigious event of all beauty pageants. By September, it will be the men's turn to shine when Mr. World wil be held in South Korea and later Miss Tourism Queen in China. Comes October, the second most important pageant of the grand slam that concerns the environment, Miss Earth will pave the way for the most glamorous and exotic young lady who will inherit the Mother Earth, Miss International will grace the month of November and finally Miss World will culminate this year's pageants in December.

This August we will feature all about Miss Universe, the most glamorous of all pageants. Started as a local swimwear competition in 1952 by Catalina swimwear and created the MiSS USA pageant after Miss America 1952 Yolanda Betbetze refused to wear the swimwear that Catalina Swimwear is a major sponsor of the pageant until the competition gained the attention of the international community and propose a bigger competition among nations thus the birth of Miss Universe in 1952.

The first Miss Universe was hed at Long Beach Municipal Auditorium, California on (date). An 18-year old blonde and blue-eyed lass from Muhos, Finland named Armi Kuusela captured the very first Miss Universe crown.She,however,did not finish her reign because after a whirlwind romance she later married the Filipino bachelor Virgilio Hilario but she remained as Miss Universe 1952. The next year, another European was crowned as Miss Universe 1953 in the person of Christiane Martel of France. Miss Universe is also evolving and is passed from one generation to another from Catalina swimwear to Donald Trump. Most winners of the pageant came from Latin Americas, Europe and Asia and a few from Africa and Caribbeans. Miss Universe remains the most glamorous and prestigious and biggest beauty pageant in the world considering the standards of winners, the prizes, the charitable cause and of course, the pageant itself. It is being watched by billions of audience around the world on a live broadcast on television. Several cities and countries already hosted the event including Long Beach, Miami Beach, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Honolulu in USA, San Juan in Puerto Rico, Athens, Greece, Manila in Philippines, San Salvador, El Salvador, Mexico City, Mexico, Seoul, South Korea, Taipei, Taiwan, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, Windhoek, Namibia, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, Nicosia, Cyprus, Panama City, Panama, Quito, Ecuador & Vietnam.