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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poor Miss Universe, Fall of Trump

Miss Universe through the years has been the most glamorous & prestigious pageant every woman aspires for. The best thing about being a woman, a celebration of womanhood and femininity is exemplified in Miss Universe. It was one of the most watched events annually as it is important to pursue its causes and raises awareness on several issues and campaigns. It gained reputation across the globe due to its charitable causes, quality and standards of delegates, the prize, travel and meeting world figures & celebrities, opportunity to pursue plans & careers and enforce platforms and the glamorous staging of events. Women aspires it for glitz, glamour and fame it brings. Its heyday in the 50s through 90s saw the pageant draws several gorgeous ladies from all corners of the world, imagine how prim and proper the ladies were, the classic timeless beauty that graced the Miss Universe stage, their gowns and moves were not astounding as per today’s standard but the personality and character innate in these ladies were regal, of class, with bearing and a pedigree of breeding and sophistication through the years incomparable that you rarely see in today’s Miss Universe monopolized by Donald Trump.
Since the inception of Miss Universe under Donald Trump’s empire in 1996, everything has changed and there is a great transformation & evolution of Miss Universe. The pageant has become expensive, has a modern touch, the qualities of delegates being sent, and more about business & commercialism. The catapulting truths about the vanishing of a true Miss Universe is that the distinction of being universal, of magnanimous respect and admiration, and with pure untainted substance is marred by commercialism, controversies and noise further stained by the monopolizing Trump’s empire.
              The classic timeless early years of the pageant until the early 90s is unmatched and has failed to surpass and exceeded by the declining worth of Trump’s Miss Universe.
Miss Universe was taken over by Donald Trump in 1996 to demonstrate what he believes the superiority of the Latina and Aryan race, promote and ensure the protection and benefits of his business interests and attempts to monopolize everything and galvanize his magnanimity yet stigmatic stature. The start of Trump’s take over saw tremendous changes in a pageant touted as the most reputable glamorous event for and about women. The winners and semi finalists looks like more of a Playboy magazine cover than a woman of substance and form with lots of respect and admiration. The main reason here is that half of the semifinalist is personally handpicked by the womanizing Trump disregarding the more legitimate and at par with the standards scores of the preliminary judges. The chutzpah of Trump says Miss Universe winners chosen during his take over were the most beautiful in the history of the pageant well beauty is in the eye of the beholder or shall I say the consensus is against his hallucinations.
               There are already lots of faux pas in Miss Universe since after the womanizer Trump’s takeover. In 1998 Miss Universe after Wendy Fitzwilliam was declared the winner, when a candidate suddenly grabs her almost toppling her to the ground. This is an early indication that Miss Universe is not for Donald Trump because it could only spell misfortune, disgrace and eventual downfall and bankruptcy for him. Year after year semifinalists chosen were almost the same set for Miss Universe is as such so that countries selected will be of Donald Trump’s interest but not in 1999 when the Philippines almost won the crown since we all know Philippines is one of the most ugliest countries in the eyes of Donald Trump and since then he learned his lesson to make sure Philippines is not included as a semifinalist every year he personally handpicked the delegates and see to it that Philippines is not included as a semifinalist because, if she does, she will make it all the way to the top 5 and even snatch the crown and give the other ladies a run for their money. To make sure people will not think that there is a personal animosity against the Philippines, they gave the Philippines the Photogenic awards in three consecutive years in a covert manner to deny their motives. Philippines is the weakest link, a negative force and against the business interests of Trump because of political upheavals, social unrests, rebel insurgencies and of course, harboring terrorists in the South making the country harmful to his assets and growing empire. In 2000 Miss Universe, Miss Philippines was literally removed from the list of semifinalist because she will give Miss India a run for her money because they were tied as a semifinalist. Despite the strong performance of the Philippines in 2006, the tentacles of Donald Trump is long enough to manipulate the result and the list of semi finalists to exclude and ignore the prowess of Lia Andrea Ramos. Controversies haunting the pageant is not only restricted to the Philippines’ delegation and participation but how the event takes place like the winning of Puerto Rico in her home country in 2001 and the unlikeliest and one of the ugliest Miss Universe in 2006 in the person of Zuleyka Rivera, who is skinny and who barely eats, stunned the pageant world. Controversial semifinalists includes first time participants China, in 2002, and Indonesia in 2005 with China finishing as 2nd runner up, Vietnam as a host country in 2008 and Thailand as a host country and sponsor of swimwear and casual outfits for the delegates so that Thailand can either be a semifinalist or a special award winner.
              These kinds of trend will spell the eventual catastrophic end of Trump’s empire. Well there are obvious, too, like the falling of the crown twice in 2007 when Riyo Mori of Japan was crowned when he bowed that indicates a sorry foretelling of Trump’s circus & comic Miss Universe show and suddenly the crown fell and this year 2009 when Stefania Fernandez, who almost resembles Tyrannosaurus Rex because of her thick and strong facial features of Venezuela because of her panic and over excitement the crown fell and took her some time to get it - this is a clear indication that the empire is falling. Of course, the runners- up are bitter losers from 2006- 2008 which they usually don’t feel like making friends with the winners saying they can’t accept the results that it’s like the results were fabricated and manipulated by Trump to protect and highlight his business interests. Backstage drama like the immediate run away after the semifinalists were announced and stepping on the other ladies feet that also happens in Miss USA were signifying the glitz and glamor belies the grudges unsettling behind the curtains.
                This year alone, there are lots of controversies surrounding Miss Universe that keeps on haunting the pageant until Trump will step down and hand it over to another organizer. Several countries withdrew from participating due to lack of sponsorships, lack of sponsorships, lack of attention and appreciation from Miss Universe and include them as semi finalists, vomiting from pictorials, several candidates lock up in the room. Some doesn’t like the food served. What’s more shocking is the finals night itself - Miss Universe 2009 is staged in a small venue in which people think the event is a formal small gathering of people who looks disinterested, indifferent and haggard. The event had transpired as if nothing happens because of a so so or trying hard performance of the night and haggard and dead walking candidates. The announcement of semi finalists were really heart breaking and high blood triggering because only a few of stunners and fierce fighters were included and most were Trumps favorites as he introduced the pageant opening saying “I know who will be the next Miss Universe.” Some of the lousy, worm infested, garbage candidates includes Puerto Rico, Croatia, Kosovo, Iceland, Albania, Sweden & Venezuela. The competition did not heat up instead its seemingly cold and lifeless swimsuit and evening gown competition will make me sleep in double jacket. The ticket sales turnout is low showing the growing disinterest of people is a sleazy pageant marred by controversies & scandals. The crown also looks inexpensive, poorly made, outdated, old style and poorly crafted indicating the ugliness and vanishing beauty of Miss Universe under Donald Trump. Finally, come the nerve wracking, mind boggling and deciding factor of all - the final question and answer wherein the candidates must answer some intriguing and some simple yet tricky questions in just a few seconds. I was completely stunned, frozen and jaw dropped when none of them gave the best answer that night leaving us with the impression that the ladies were stupid, brainless nuts with nothing to show - in short, utterly useless and hopeless drag queens. It makes me laugh horrendously when the announced Miss Universe answer is vague and blank as if she is just memorizing a script. The ladies are plainly leftovers out of trash. There is no bigger joke than the crown which Donald Trump instituted Nexus Labs to officially create a crown for the Miss Universe 2009 - the result was disaster of course - the company created three intricately crafted tiara for the people to choose which of the crowns will be used to crown the new Miss Universe but none of the created crown was a stand out because all three have the same substance, form and aesthetic design which is poorly crafted, tacky and trashy. I even imagine the new Miss Universe as a wrestler flexing her muscles bending the crown with all her strength to show its brittleness until it is broken into pieces and throw it to the audience and dance like an insane beggar on stage. At the end of the finals, Miss Philippines is in the background as a way of saying “Thank you girl, try your luck next time, You’re such a waste.”
                However, the controversies don’t end before and after the coronation of the pageant. Days or months after the pageant if the winner committed a grace misconduct or behavior, Donald Trump tolerates the abuse like in the case of Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner is able to keep her crown due to the pampering and spoiling acts towards her by Mr. Trump even if being drunk is a serious offense by a beauty queen deemed as exemplary and good role model for women. Is this the slapstick or mockery or a circus show that the clown Trump wants to show to the world? He is a good actor, director, producer and a clown who perfectly combines all these things and takes advantage of the event or any other shows under his company even if it cost the reputation and dignity of the pageant to gain enormous benefits. He knows how to run, produce and finish the show while raking in a lion share of income and profit. People working under him doesn’t know they are being snared under his evil schemes and dirty tactics and should’ve well compensated millionaires already with lots of other perks if he is a good boss but he is an evil disguising in the form of a bulky, funny toupee wearing man.
                I would have accepted the non-inclusion of Philippines as a semifinalist in this year's Miss Universe but the absence of fierce prowess and goddess from Europe, Asia and some Latinas is a severe injustice that people will clamor for Trump's resignation and ultimate hand over to a deserving and respected non-partisan organization to organize and establish Miss Universe back to its glory and admiration that was stained by Trump's greed and selfish ambitions.
              Miss Universe is another reason why people around the world hates America not only for women clad in swimsuits but the way Trump handle the beauty pageant.
              It would be best for Trump, if he still has the respect and dignity, to just hand over Miss Universe to a respected and admired non-partisan organization to organize and celebrate Miss Universe annually much to the delight of its worldwide audience who has an eye for beauty and elegance!
              How could he ruin and humiliated a well so loved and well respected beauty pageant that all the women the world over aspired for and dream of? If he could even destroy and reduce into ashes in just a few years a beauty pageant that is taken cared of in decades, what’s more with the people working for him that for decades have been a victim of his tricks and magic. I would be ashamed and deny myself of my citizenship if my country still continues to send delegates into this stupid, mockery and blasphemous event. Donald Trump’s animosity is unstoppable. So will you continue to believe and work with Trump? Think twice before it’s too late!