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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Miss Earth Trivia

Karla Henry, Miss Earth 2008
Miss Earth logo

Before Miss Earth 2009 begins, let's look at what Miss Earth differ from the rest of the beauty pageant:

* Miss Earth 2001, Catharina Svensson of Denmark is the first Caucasian winner of the pageant.

* Miss Earth 2002, Džejla Glavović is the first woman from Bosnia & Herzegovina to win a major beauty title for her country. She is also the first Miss Earth to be dethroned, for failing to fulfill her duties.

* Miss Earth 2002, Winfred Omwakwe of Kenya became the first African and black winner of the pageant after the original winner from Bosnia & Herzegovina was dethroned.

* Miss Earth 2003, Dania Prince of Honduras is the first Central American and Latin to capture the Miss Earth crown.

* Miss Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles is the first Miss Earth Winner to host the Miss Earth Competition in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

* Miss Earth 2008, Karla Henry of the Philippines is the first Asian to win the Miss Earth crown.

* Miss Afghanistan 2003 Vida Samadzai was the first candidate of Miss Earth to win the special award Beauty for a Cause. She helped in establishing a US-based women's charity that seeks to raise awareness of women's rights and education in Afghanistan. Miss South Africa, Montjane was the second candidate to win the special award.

* In 2007 edition, two (2) countries hosted the pageant. Vietnam co-hosted some of the pageant activities; other activities up to the finals were done in its home base, the Philippines.

* In the history, only one woman has competed at all four major international pageants. She is Cynthia Kanema of Zambia who competed at Miss World 2003, Miss International 2004, Miss Universe 2005, and Miss Earth 2005. She was unplaced at all four pageants.

* Denmark won its first major beauty title in history when Catharina Svensson won Miss Earth in 2001.

* Bosnia & Herzegovina won its first major beauty title in history when Džejla Glavović won Miss Earth in 2002.

* Kenya also claimed its first major title when Winfred Omwakwe assumed the position of Miss Earth 2002.

* When Priscilla Meirelles won the title in 2004, Brazil became the first country to have a winner in all four major international pageants. The following year, Alexandra Braun completed the grand slam for Venezuela.

Other Special Mention Trivias

* Venezuela is the most successful in Swimsuit awards: Alexandra Braun in 2005, Marianne Puglia in 2006 and Silvana Santaella in 2007.

* Venezuela is also the most successful in Long Gown awards: Silvana Santaella in 2007 and Daniela Torrealba in 2008.

* The Philippines has the most Miss Photogenic awards: April Rose Perez in 2002, Jeanne Angeles Harn in 2007, and Karla Henry in 2008.

* There are 2 countries have won twice Best National Costume awards:
o Korea: Jin-Ah Lee in 2002 and Hie Mi Yoo in 2005 .
o Panama: Jessica Barrios in 2003 and Shassia Ubillus in 2008.

* Bosnia & Herzegovina has two Miss Talent awards: Džejla Glavović in 2002 and Mirela Bulbulija in 2004.

* Only one Miss Friendship has gone on place in the pageant: Amale Al Khoder (Lebanon, 2007).

* Only one Miss Earth winner was awarded Miss Talent: Džejla Glavović (Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2002).

* Two Miss Earth winners were awarded Miss Photogenic: Priscilla Meirelles (Brazil, 2004) and Karla Paula Henry (Philippines, 2008)

* Miss Venezuela 2007, Silvana Santaella won 4 awards: Best in Long Gown, Best in Swimsuit, Miss Psalmstre Placenta and Gandang Ricky Reyes Award.

* Miss Philippines 2008, Karla Henry won five special major and minor awards: Miss Earth Designers Award, Miss Photogenic, Eagle Express Award, Miss Fontana, Pasigandahan Awards (for Manila). Currently, she's the only winner who received the most awards in the history of Miss Earth Beauty Pageant.
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