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Friday, January 22, 2010

Dinagyang Festival Circle of Winners, 1970 - 2010

Dagoy, official Dinagyang Festival mascot

1970Madjapahit Tribe of Compania Maritima
1971 Mamau Tribe of Negros Navigation
1972Mamau Tribe
1973Mamau Tribe
1974 Last Warriors
1975 Tribu Hamili
1976Tribu Hamili
1977No competition
1978Tribu Atub-atub
1979No specific winner
1980Tribu Himaya
1981 Tribu Molave
1982 Tribu Atub-atub
1983Tribu Binirayan
1984Tribu Atub-atub
1985 - Tribu Kongo
1986Tribu Kongo
1987Tribu Guimbal
1988Tribu Kongo
1989Tribu Binirayan
1990Tribu Sagasa
1991Tribu Sagasa
1992Tribu Sagasa
1993Tribu Panaad
1994 - Tribu Bola-bola
1995Tribu Binirayan
1996Tribu Bola-bola
1997Tribu Bola-bola

Starting in 1998, there were two categories introduced in the competition, the Barangay Category and the Open Category. The Barangay Category is a competition between several districts of the city and is partly subsidized by the city government to participate. On the other hand, the Open Category is a competition between private entities, municipalities, provinces and schools being sponsored by multinational companies and businesses or by their respective local governments. In 2006 all tribes are entered in only one category the Open Category in which partly subsidized by the local government and partly by businesses and corporations.

Barangay Category

1998Tribu Hamili
1999Tribu Panaad
2000Tribu Atub-atub
2001Tribu Molave
2002Tribu Molave
2003 - Tribu Atub-atub
2004Tribu Atub-atub
2005Tribu Pag-asa

Open Category

1998Tribu Bola-bola
1999 Tribu Bola-bola
2000Tribu Bola-bola
2001Tribu Bola-bola
2002Tribu Paghidaet
2003Tribu Paghidaet
2004Tribu Bola-bola
2005Tribu Silak
2006 - Tribu Ilonganon
2007 - Tribu Ilonganon
2008 Tribu Paghidaet
2009Tribu Paghidaet
2010 - Tribu Paghidaet

Source: www.dinagyangsailoilo.com
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