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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dinagyang Festival Once Again!

One of the competing tribes in the Dinagyang competition.
         Just two weeks from now, the famous and grandest of all Philippine festvial will take place in Iloilo City, in west central Philippines. Dinagyang Festival is held every fourth or last week of January for four decades running. It is a tribal dance competition to the beat of drums and other traditional musical instruments made of indigenous materials. Dancing warriors have their whole body painted with black soot and paint depicting the our ancient ancestors and earliest settlers of the country wearing a tribal costume made of different materials depends on the creativity and ingenuity of each tribe's costume designer. There are also lots of merrymaking, food festival, and other competition to add color to the event. The reason why the city is flocked by hundreds of thousands of tourist this time of the year. But weeks prior to the event, hotels and pension houses are fully booked by tourists and visitors who reserved early to avoid the rush of other guests anticipating the event. I will tell more about Dinagyang Festival later in my blogs.
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