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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Millenium I Century 1

Decade X Year 1
The rise of information power and hail to the wind
Your day has come to prove your worth
Anything useful and beneficial shall use you
Everything on land and sea can be free and the wind shall rule divine

Year 2
From sea will come a great power and meet by land on the halfway
Astonish a land so freaking disturbed and unprepared
The power of discovery shall find formula will see amazing result
Retreat be taken if harm has been ensured

Year 3
The boom, the gloom and the doom emerge all
The real power and real failure shall rise and bane
The masses will be taken by either of the fortress
Clashes will continue until the weak dissolves

Year 4
In the year of so much glory and fame,
Wicked and stupid and ignorant shall be insane doubling it number
In addition, possession and the souls of the weak
in faith and pervert shall be taken away by the demon
Glory to the wise, the learned and the open minded

Year 5
Gallipoli will admire and kneel before you Estrella,
Droves of people will come and live with you
The Danes and the Welsh try to conquer you
Everyone loves you and everything has been done to help you.

Year 6
The quagmire quadrant will be a puzzle
The tricky shrewd problem if answered correctly shall bring wealth and prosperity
It will give doom or death to those who fail to answer it correctly
It is required for everyone who will undergo a test of his fate.

Year 7
The pluck of a string gives sound to events unfolding
The daffodils flying in the cool lonely airs seems suggesting the feeling
The mist in the early dawn brings a rebirth of the forsaken one.
Brings astonishment, innovation and wander brings auspicious benefits.

Year 8
Years before a century, creepy inventions shall bring both horror and amazement
When the dead will rise, act, thinks, feels and say he does when lived before
Frankenstein of the modern times will become a reality
Need not be mortified but glorified, enjoyed and proved beneficial

Year 9
A decade or two, warfare of arms and materials will be a thing of the past,
forever gone & forsaken
Enemies will fight by the word of mouth, insults and embarrassment.
Psychologically, the war of the mouth will harm but temporary
Truce or cordiality will be afforded by both parties.
Dancing and singing will happen once the war ends

Year 10
Anything paper will be a trend, essential and luxury
The wheel of fortune has finally rolled, and is unfolding
The wealthy dreams of being poor becomes the poor, beggar and the indigent,
the poor dreams of being rich becomes affluent, influential and wealthy
The swift of justice brings the sweet fruit of labor and perseverance