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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Millennium I Century 2

Decade I Year 1
Boots, leather and activities related to it will become popular and set trend
Forever be a fashion trademark done among men of each other
Synthetic, fashion forward statement will become a fad
among straight men and women aware of themselves
will be seen as attractive as ever by what they act, wear, say and eat among heterosexual.
Though there is a growing number of homosexuals who mostly likes leather, heterosexual remain still.
All is equal in love and affair.

Year 2
A growing number of gays not bisexual will be felt among the early starters.
Engage in amorous activities but averting disease not spreading and contaging
Will not actively engage in the way of the flesh
Practice the leather trademark, express gayness without being morally wrong & socially unaccepted

Year 3
The days are gone for the glory of prawns
Spawning are averted and breeding has stopped
Trouble has created but not for long
Fine breed emerges out of the dried and dead

Year 4
The monkey laughs while the daffodils are flying,
Out in the meadows they fly beautifully and into the ocean
Monkeys try to catch them but no luck went home crying
Fighting, treachery and murdering between them
Resulting in loss and tragedy

Year 5
The signature specimen does not reflect on the document
It results to chaos, violence and anxiety
Crisis arises and the leader had a hard time resolving
Its a lesson they learned and promise won’t do it again

Year 6
The crooked who laughs and insults shall take its beating
The mob will mock at her and stoned her
Severely injured and dying she will mention her last message
Regrets, hapless but relief reigns soon thereafter

Year 7
The turtle country in the Far East shall see its damnation
It is condemned, punished until the jerks are eradicated
Crisis, extraordinary phenomena, disasters shall all takes pace
When the ground is stained by their blood and all is remains are their ashes, peace will rule over.

Year 8
The rule of blood and royal purple shall cause terror
Chaos and violence is inevitable, betrayal of the weak illegitimate takes place
Execution in shock surprises all then horrifying event takes place
The abandoned, the old and weak remains crying and speechless

Year 9
The long haired with the suit shall blow his sharp sword
The purse and legitimate will be hit but unharmed
Will avenge by the blow and defeat the long haired.
Will shave him and bald-headed

Year 10
Meager and bigger, blood thick
AIDS, HIV and other incurable diseases has now cure
Strange lifestyle occur and though weird still funny and nice
Dream on and imagination will be a reality.
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