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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beauty Pageants Analysis

           We always have to watch beauty pageants in our spare time and we are so mesmerized by the beauties parading before our very eyes and costly production and very busy and inviting activities of the delegates prior to the culmination of the event that makes us hooked up and follow every minute of it. Through the years, the pageant evolves, made a lot of changes and transformation and adapt to the changing times. We could not avoid but make some comments or have our say of what transpired out of a particular beauty pageant either it meets our expectation or disappoint us. If there are lots of reviews, comments and feedback a participating delegate receives from pundits and pageant aficionados, we can also have our say on the pageant itself which organize the events. Here are my analysis on the grand slam pageants.

Miss Universe – the most glamorous of all the pageants always leave us in awe and never disappoint us in the production and activities leading to the finals night. It has always been a spectacular extravaganza and one of the best events on Earth. Amazing pageant with a perfectionist touch and high standard of competitions. The only weakness is the placement or selection of delegates which makes several misses or disappointments with lots of noteworthy delegates not making the cut and the eventual winner is somewhat lackluster, ugly & undeserving but the year 2010 is one of the exceptions.

Miss World – not a real beauty pageant but more of a fund raising event. Although the pageant is held in some of the amazing places around the world, the activities done by the ladies were more on fund raising and charity events and sports which were not required of a true beauty pageant. Furthermore, there is no clear or real criteria as basis of judging for selecting semifinalist and the eventual winner that is taking place like the swimsuit and evening gown competition but mock judges to show on finals night and what is ironic is that the winner is a personal handpick of Julia Morley, who owns the pageant, who personally announce the winner herself. Miss World winners always come from a European country, British Crown and colonies and American mestizas who were front runners in beauty pageants or a superpower country where Morley can invest and make some business. Plus the issue of prostitution in the Miss World in which the delegates are being served like a whore in the tables of the patronizing sponsors and Morley act like a pimp badly tarnishing the image and reputation of the pageant with a malicious purpose.

Miss Earth – In its ten years of beauty and responsibility, the only pageant who advocates environmental awareness, Miss Earth produced lovely queens of astounding accomplishments who defend the Mother Earth and promotes environment protection and conservation. The judgment and selection of semifinalists is impressive, deserving and noteworthy with only a few undesirable delegates making the cut and they are also bias on Asians giving them more priorities even if they are not worthy or deserving of a spot and also tend to be conventional following only the trends on Miss Universe of who is always making the cut and they don’t take a fearless selection of new but very ferocious beauties doing their best to take the crown. The finals night is such a poor taste and low quality that some of the segments are way outdated, tacky and primitive . They don’t know how to capitalize on the pageant, market and make profits out of it because they are not into the business of beauty pageant, and obviously a neophyte in the field. It takes a third party who is a pageant magician and a business-minded individual who can transform the pageant into a prestigious and glamorous event as it deserves to be.

Miss International – For the last 50 years, Miss International has been the modest and the most simple yet elegant beauty pageant of all grandslam. It has been held in Long Beach, California, USA for its first few years but since then has moved to Japan as its permanent home but has been held outside Japan since 2004 in China. The pageant conducts a simple, modest but elegant activities prior to an austere finals night. They also choose beautiful, outspoken, noteworthy woman of achievements as the winner. The only weakness in the pageant is that the placements or semifinalists chosen. There are quite a rare instance that an Asian other than Japan and the Philippines made the cut and also black delegates, in fact only one black delegate has ever won Miss International in the name Yeimy Paola Vargas of Colombia in 2004 but the worse thing about Miss International is the outdated, primitive crown which is made of pearls mounted or attached to a foam hat and the crown is tied down on the chin to avoid falling making it ugly and tacky.

           Hope with these comments, changes and improvements should be taken to ensure a high standard of pageants much to the delight and satisfaction of the viewers and pageant lovers!
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