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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OUT TV Show Should Be Back On Air!

              Out, the Philippines’ first gay oriented television program tackles issues about homosexuality in the country and related news around the world & practical tips, gigs, events or any interesting topics about Philippines gay lifestyle like documentary or real life stories of gays or gay couple both famous and ordinary gay Filipino. It also features a segment wherein the show helps a discreet gay to come OUT of the closet and come to terms with their sexuality and open it up to their surprised families, friends and relatives while still in awe in disbelief. Thus, the name of the show derives from. The show makes sure that the closeted queen or homosexual are accepted by their families and friends and that they will live happily ever after.
         The show was aired by GMA-7 Philippines in 2004 and was banned by MTRCB (Move and Television Review and Classification Board) a year later for the reason that it is morally wrong, gives a bad influence on the people and lack of Christian values and virtues and good character needed by the Filipinos. If this regulation took place in another country, let’s say Europe or the America where gay rights is prominent and gay lifestyle is a privilege being enjoyed by everyone, it will stir chaos and will result to pandemonium. But I am hopeful that liberal and open minded people will pave the way for the show to be back on air soon. I pray that it will happen and fix the misconception of Filipinos about homosexuality, become more receptive and accepting of their brothers in color so we will live happily ever after and shout OUT!
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