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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Breaking News: Steve Jobs Passed Away At 56.

We are saddened to tell the world that Steve Jobs has passed away at 56 after a long battle with cancer but the probable cause was unspecified. An official statement from Apple Inc. The world has lost of the geniuses who makes our lives easier today. Steve Jobs thank you for being my mentor and a close friend for me for awhile. Thank you for the all advices you give even without the job or money you provided me. I would be happy for all the things you said to me and the funny things you said to me that so silly but so wise to do. If only I was born earlier I could have a share in your glory and I could be a part of the history but I am just grateful for the contribution you've made in the world. All your money can do you no good and could not even buy you a pass ticket from grim reaper to save you from certain death. Instead most of it should go to charities to have its worth. May you rest in peace, Steve Jobs!
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