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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home Based Job Needed

Have you heard of Exvo's innovative way of working: Teams? But what is it and how does it work? And why should you join Teams? We hope some of these questions here.

Teams offer you a modern and efficient way to work, wherever you are. Everyone is welcome to join Teams, it is extremely easy, and connects you quickly with clients. Above all, you do not have any obligations and the service is completely free!

To get started, sign up and create a personal Teams account. It only takes a minute! In Teams Store you can find a variety of interesting positions and skills. Companies create positions and you can take those positions and perform tasks to companies after you have joined a certain Team.

Another way of getting tasks is to add skills to your account. Based on your profession, field of interest or talents, you have certain skills. Maybe you are a translator, or have abilities and ambitions for example in marketing, research or writing? There are always tasks that match your skills, browse the available selection in the Teams Store. Your personal Teams account provides you a platform to meet clients, interact and choose from a nearly unlimited amount of available tasks.

You can register as many positions and skills to your account as you wish and accept the tasks that suit you the best. You see all available tasks that match your qualifications in a real-time flow. Then you simply apply and accept the ones that fit you.

You decide yourself the price for your work, and this can vary between different tasks. A description of the quantity of work per task is important, and you can find it under the skill information.

To make sure that all delivered work is of good quality, you will first have a training period. In this way you have the opportunity to practice before the official work starts. The quality of your work will be checked, you gain experience and develop your skills while working on real projects. First your Teams account will have a ‘Training’ status, and as soon as you have met the quality standards, the status will be changed to ‘Active’. This is when you are qualified and can start earning money.

Already hundreds of people have joined Teams and are enjoying the freedom and benefits it offers. New positions and skills are continuously being added to the site, so keep checking the Teams Store on a regular basis.

Join the growing group of enthusiast users and create an account on Teams - Use Teams to boost your career!

Click the link below to sign up before you apply for the job


Home Based Job with Exvo Teams Sign Up Here

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