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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jessica Sanchez "The Real" American Idol 11

 Someone from Atlanta, Georgia said this about Jessica Sanchez: 

Jessica is clearly the most talented singer this season. I did not vote the week she was voted off and I am so glad she was saved. I do feel that these idol judges(not Tyler) set them up with their comments. This is not new. Simon was the master of build them up to tear them down later. Randy and Jennifer latch on to a favorite and praise them beyond the imagination. One standing ovation is OK. But so many makes them meaningless. Randy runs this judging group simply because he has been around the longest not because he has anything meaningful to say. Yo if I hear pitchy another time, I will... Jennifer is a good blend and I like her presence on the show. I wish Jimmy was one of the judges. His insight is the best. Unlike Simon, he is not mean. He is just professional in his remarks. I hope they add him to the judges next year and get another adviser for the idols. Stevie Nick and Mary J Blige would be my choice. Steven is my favorite judge. His comments are right on. He is his own man. His advice is right on and he is fair. I notice tonight that once Steven said that Jessica should win it all, Randy and Jennifer set out to defeat her. The standing ovation for Phillip was to ensure he stays on. They hope Jessica gets voted off and Phillip goes against Joshua next week. I personally like them all. Joshua performance is very good. Phillip Phillips is an acquired test. But if you acquire that taste, it will stay with you. Now Jessica is a true talent. She is a young Barbara Streisand, Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. Whether she wins this contest or not, she is a voice to be reckon with in this business. Many a record producers are hoping she does not win so they can sign her up on the spot. I would only buy a ticket to hear Jessica sing and that is what it is all about.