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Sunday, December 9, 2012

If You Can Be A Miss Universe 2012 Contestant, Answer These

Let's say you are a Miss Universe 2012 contestant competing with 88 other contestants, (the REAL contestants that are NOW in Las Vegas, Nevada) representing your own country instead of your current representative (put yourselves in their shoes temporarily), can you answer the following: 

1. How will you prepare yourself for the upcoming competition? 

2. Do you have any routine, exciting or unusual prior to competing in the Miss Universe 2012? 

3. Upon arriving in Las Vegas, what is the first thing you will do? 

4. Is there anything you do prior to walking up to the stage? 

5. Aside from your current roommate, who else among the 88 contestants would you like to be your roommate? 

6. Who among the other 88 contestant would you like to make friends with, talk to and learn from? What do you want to talk to and learn from her? 

7. What would be your assets / strengths that can give you an edge over the others? ( you can answer this with reference to your country's Miss Universe 2012 contestant ) 

8. What would be your flaws / weaknesses that you want to improve? ( you can answer this with reference to your country's Miss Universe 2012 contestant ) 

9. What interesting things about you that you would like others to know? 

10. What interesting, beautiful things about your country that you would like to share with all of the contestants? 

11. What country would you like to visit or live aside from your country? 

12. Do you have any memorable moments in life would you like to share? 

13. What would you consider as your defining moment as a woman/man? 

14. If you win, what advocacy, programs or causes you want to pursue? 

15. Why you should be the next Miss Universe? 

Now if you are going choose among the other 88 contestants (except yourself of course and your country) which of them: 

has the most perfect figure / you want to have 
has the most beautiful face 
has the most luscious lips 
is the most friendly, warm and sincere 
is the most Photogenic 
is the Smartest 
is the Funniest 
is the Sexiest in All Aspects 
is the most Interesting contestant 

would you like to be with you as the "last two women standing" 

would be the most likely to be the next Miss Universe 

would be the dark horse who can snatch the crown from favorites 

would be the underdogs or the least favorite contestants you would like to make it to the Top 16 

Choose only one... 

Coke or Pepsi 
Apple or Samsung 
Blush on or Lipstick 
Miss Universe or Career 
Survivor or The Amazing Race 
PC or Smartphone 
Dance or Sing 
Talent or Skill 
Music or TV 
Facebook or Twitter 
Beach or City 
Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates 
Shoes or Barefoot 
Hot Guys or Rich Guys 
Sexy But Very Ugly or Beautiful But Very Fat (both are poor; not wealthy)