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Sunday, December 16, 2012

MISS UNIVERSE 2012: Watchful Eyes Best 20 Show Girls In Las Vegas Holiday!

          I think for the first time in the history of Miss Universe, it was held in December, the happiest and fun filled time of the year and what is the perfect event to make the holiday season merrier and festive than Miss Universe. This year the most prestigious beauty pageant of all goes back to Las Vegas more specifically Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino after it hosted the competition back in 2010. I know Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood will surely kindle the fire of the season's spirit - making the event an unforgettable experience. This is second time Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino accepted to host the event while it is the fourth time for Las Vegas where they graciously welcome 89 gorgeous women from around the world to compete for the much coveted Diamond Nexus Lab crown. Leila Lopes of Angola, Miss Universe 2011 will crown her successor on December 19.
          A lot of contestants has some stunning images posted online before they arrive in Las Vegas and even during the time they won their respective national titles, they look absolutely stunning and beautiful that some fans take note of them as early favorites and contender for the crown however upon their arrival in Las Vegas, there are some changes and differences that make this competition even more exciting and suspenseful. Some contestants exceed others expectation while some are on their radar to watch out for. They even look so prepared, warm and impressive as the competition heats up and after I watched the preliminary competition on Thursday, I came up with my list of favorites and who I think will have a chance of at least making the cut. I observe that there are only quite a few gowns which I think are fabulous and stand out enough to have my good impression because most of them are just an imitation of previous contestant's gowns lacking in originality, creativity and innovation. What the contestants lack of fabulous gown, they made it up with an elegant classy presentation oozing with sex appeal and spell binding charm. Their overwhelming beauty and regal bearing with this gown is enough to make an impressive presentation. The strongest asset of these women lies in the swimsuit competition where they can pride themselves with those curvaceous figures, flawless skin and long legs complimented with great catwalk skills, runway attitude and confidence which include good command of stage, flirtatious moves, seductive pose and facial gestures.   
          With these things on mind looking at these incredibly gorgeous women, I came up with this list of best 20 contestants for this year's holiday-filled Miss Universe 2012. Although I must admit, it is difficult to choose which one will make it into my elite list, here now are my final chosen lovely women for the crown with their scores. Hope you enjoy!

1. Georgia - Tamar Shedania

2. Croatia - Elizabeta Burg

3. Puerto Rico - Bodine Koehler 

4. South Africa - Melinda Ba

5. Philippines - Janine Tugonon 

6. Venezuela - Irene Isser 

7. Poland - Marcelina Zawadzka 

8. Australia - Renae Ayris

9. Czech Republic - Tereza Chlebovska 

10. Chile - Ana Luisa Konig 

11. Guatemala - Laura Godoy Calle 


12. Bahamas - Celeste Marshall 

13. Mexico - Karina Gonzalez 

14. USA - Olivia Culpo 

15. Thailand - Nutpimon Farida Waller 

16. Ecuador - Carolina Aguirre 

17. Jamaica - Chantal Zaky 

18. Vietnam - Diem Huong Luu 

19. Brazil - Gabriela Markus 

20. Sri Lanka - Sabrina Herft 

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Photo Courtesy Of: Miss Universe