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Monday, September 30, 2013

Mr. Gay World 2013 Questions and Suggested Answers

Mr. Gay World 2013 Winners and Contestants in Antwerp, Belgium 

Mr Philippines is asked what he should do if he doesn't win. Difficult one. 

Suggested Answer:         To compete at an international competition like this one is already an achievement in itself. Representing my country, the Philippines is also representing the LGBT community in the country and gives the world a picture of the present conditions of the LGBT in my country. This is also a perfect venue wherein we can share our ideas, ideals, discussions and issues affecting us in our respective communities. If I don't win, I would still continue to be a good ambassador of the LGBT community in my country, doing worthwhile missions not only with the LGBT but also with different communities, non-profit organizations which helps the underprivilege and deprive people of communities doing medical missions, livelihood programs as such. Even if I don't win this whole competition, I would like to ensure that I have accomplished my mission of promoting my country here among other contestants and also show them the present state condition of the LGBT in the Philippines and issues affecting them. Only through this way, that I have championed my ideals, principles and the advocacy or campaigns that I fight for and my voice will be heard all corners of the world. Gaining friends and knowledge in this competition and winning the hearts of many is like winning the competition. 

Mr Aruba is asked how he should mentor someone struggling with their gender identity. 

Suggested Answer:          It is sometimes draining as it is difficult for someone who is undergoing an identity crisis. For one who is experiencing it has a difficulty of discerning judgment and identify which one he prefers. The person needs a support group who will give him a positive vibe and surround him or love, support and understanding that it needs. I as the person's mentor would give him ample of time discovering himself and will give him a chance of socializing and meeting different kind of people which will help him identify the group he comfortably belongs. I would serve as an inspiration and motivator to talk to as many people as he can by engaging in the conversation of like minded people who understand and has compassion for their brothers in dilemma. He would quickly learn and know who he is, what he is and what he is for if he can also engage in social activities where he enjoy the most or where he shows great interests or where he can best exhibit his potentials and skills with other people. The benefits will help him truly know himself, what he likes and discover the undiscovered in him. 

Mr Australia is asked why he should risk voicing his opinion if it risks his popularity. 

Suggested Answer:         Although our aim is to become the best and the most popular in a field of equally competitive and equally handsome young men for us to be able to influence and inspire other gay men to do what is right and for the common good of others, there is more to that I think is more valuable and essential than just mere fame. We should always remember that it is not fame that we are specifically made for but for the causes and advocacy we should champion. Risking of voicing our opinions to what we fight for and for what we believe in compromising fame is significant because it shows us who we are, what we are capable of and what can our voices do for others and it can also give impact or influence to the people, organizations, community and the world over affecting our opinions thus, doing wonders for us making the impossible possible. Popularity is just a temporary phenomenon but voicing our opinion of what we feel, what we believe in or what we fight for truly shows the real us. It is like a birthmark it is forever. 

Mr. Taiwan is asked if religion and sexuality can coexist. 

Suggested Answer:          Religion and sexuality can exist in ways that it mutually agrees to a certain extent of their beliefs and principles harmoniously synchronizes with each other and how it will help both parties and also help each other to spread the love, understanding and kindness to all the people in the world. 

Mr Hong Kong is asked what his 3 primary objectives would be should he win. 

Suggested Answer:           There are lots to accomplish and achieve once I win the coveted title. If I have to narrow down to three primary objectives I need to pursue, it would be the following: 1. First, I would like to know more about each and every contestants background and their country especially their LGBT community. This way I could fully understand them and learn about them better. This knowledge about them would help me educate people in understanding other people of different background, groups and society it belongs. 2. Second, I would like to have discussions, forums and brainstorming among gay delegates and leaders of different countries about issues and problems concerning them, significant progress and developments in other parts of the world and also other suggestions and recommendations from them. This way, we could rationalize and come up with best solutions in addressing issues, concerns and problems that arise, the selfless acts, significant progress and developments that could inspire and motivate us and other gay people to do better and continue to tirelessly work hard for the betterment of gays and people who has issues with themselves and around them and this beacon of hope will ignite furiously the unwavering faith and kind acts towards humanity. 3. Lastly, to further foster the camaraderie, friendship and bonds created in the gay community I would like to ensure that there are healthy and worthwhile activities that we can engage in so as to promote friendship and cooperation among the gay community. 

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