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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mabuhay Pilipinas! : Watchful Eyes Miss Earth 2013 Pre Arrival Favorite Picks 1 - 15

           Miss Earth 2013 will begin just two weeks from now and we cannot wait for these lovely, captivating women from all over the planet to come and compete until one lucky woman will be crowned on December 7, 2013 in Manila, Philippines.

          Before these ladies set foot in Manila for the competition, beauty watchers are astounded as as different countries elect their most beautiful contestant for the competition and fixated their eyes on these stunning women and this blog is no exception.

          Watchful Eyes Of A Silhouette blog publish its annual HOT picks from pre-arrival to national costumes and post preliminary competition favorite picks. This year proves to be another tough year of competition among all of the contestants as they are equally stunning and captivating, winning women of accomplishments for the environment. It is the reason why this blog takes so long to publish its pre-arrival selection.

          This year, Watchful Eyes puts another twist on its selection of its hot picks - the resemblance. The resemblance here reminds me of notable women may it be historical figures, literary characters or noted celebrities or women in different fields, fiction or non-fiction not only on their facial features congruence or physical attributes but more so of their character and personalities that define them as a woman, as an individual that makes them distinct of their kind. The image itself evokes character and emotion.

          So here now is the Watchful Eyes Of A Silhouette, Miss Earth 2013 Pre-Arrival Hot Picks:

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Vera Krneta

 Reminds Me Of: Mona Lisa 

Turkey - Ezgi Avci 

Reminds Me Of: Marie Antoinette


Sweden - Denice Andree 

 Reminds Me Of: Katharine Hepburn

Ukraine - Anastasia Sukh 

Reminds Me Of: Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia 

Chile - Natalia Lermanda 

Reminds Me Of: Marilyn Monroe


Spain - Cristina Martinez 

Reminds Me Of: Queen Elizabeth I of England 

Pakistan - Shanzy Hayat 

Reminds Me Of: Cleopatra 

Martinique - Rani Charles 

Reminds Me Of: Halle Berry 

Mexico - Kristal Silva 

Reminds Me Of: Nefertiti 

Korea - Catharina Song-ee Choi 

Reminds Me Of: Mata Hari 

Brazil - Priscilla Martins 

 Reminds Me Of: Joan of Arc


Philippines - Angelee Claudett De Los Reyes 

Reminds Me Of: Queen of Sheba 


Germany - Caroline Noeding 

Reminds Me Of: Shakira 

Slovak Republic - Lucia Slaninkova 

Reminds Me Of: Amelia Earhart 


Poland - Aleksandra Szczena 

Reminds Me Of: Queen Victoria of England