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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beauty Pageants Types Of Questions And Strategy To Answer

Miss Universe 2013 - Spain's Patricia Yurena Rodriguez Interview 

Miss Universe 2000 - India's Lara Dutta Interview 

The most grueling and the most crucial part of any beauty pageant competition is the final question and answer portion to decide which one will win the title. This part of the competition can make or break a contestant whether the heavily favored or the dark horse will win depends heavily on the way they convey their answers. The finalist will be asked a randomly selected question to answer impromptu in front of the judges and the audience. The format of the final question varies from time to time and according to the preferences of the respective pageants. Back in the old days and in some pageants like in Miss International, finalists must deliver a speech based on a specific topic. In Miss World,  there is a permanent question similarly asked to each one of the finalists - why you should be the next Miss World? In Miss Earth, finalists were shown either a painting, picture or series of videos in which they have to interpret or tell the message it conveys. Another format is that one question is similarly asked to each of the finalists one at a time. While one contestant is answering the questions, the other finalists who haven't answered the questions yet is either put on a sound proof booth (during the old days) or listen on a very loud music on a headset so they cannot hear the other contestant's answer. The most common format of the final question is that each of the finalists were asked different questions on news and currents events or relevant questions happening in the world. The questions they were asked were handpicked by the contestants themselves in a fishbowl.

Today, contestants handpick a judge name on the fishbowl with whom they will be asked a relevant current events question.

So regardless of the question is, the key to winning is how you answer the question. There is always a strategy on how to construct a concrete message to deliver a potent answer that will capture the hearts of many based on the type of question of being asked. Here are just some types of questions being asked.

Personal Questions like what do you want to change in your body needs a specific answer not just an answer in a neutral tone. Answer the question honestly and sincerely. For example, you  need to point out which part of your body you are most insecure of, envious of someone else or something that needs improvement or to be enhanced to boost your self-esteem or confidence and put more dramatic twist to it and end it with an impressive, lasting message like you want to inspire others by being beautiful, by being a better person than you previously are.

Being neutral or complacent in that kind of question is oftentimes weak and condescending and doesn't make much of an impact like I am happy with myself and I don't want to change a thing not unless if you can justify your satisfaction and contentment like what Binibining Pilipinas 2012 contestant Sherilyn Gonzales says,  then that could give you a merit. Anyway, the question itself is obsolete, tacky and abused that it should never be asked ever again.

Another beautiful personal question to note is the question about personal issues, problems or past mistakes or failures just like the question asked to Olivia Culpo, Miss USA who later became Miss Universe 2012. She was asked what and answered. This type of question also requires specific answer with sincerity and conviction like confessing your past mistake,  anything that you did to fix it and that you learn from it never to let it happen again. This question validates a contestant's frailty. It will test how human you are, that we have some imperfections that we need to admit. Answering the question in an arrogant way or in a neutral tone like I don't have any big past mistake  or if there is a mistake in the past shows that you are too good to be true or too perfect to be a human or people will ask you, are you real? and also vague answers like I already fix it and learn from it is like giving a blank or empty answers because you give no idea about you to others. It is like they are interested to know more about you but you just give them a blank stare and you tell them nothing. It gives them a negative impression about you therefore disappointing the  judges much more the listening crowd.

There are also questions about news, current events and about the world. You need to be well informed, updated about the news and current events and aware of your surroundings. You also need to do some research about some particular topics mentioned in the news. Once you are updated and well informed about the news which were asked in your question, then you can give a solid concrete answer giving your detailed, in-depth insights, views or opinions on that particular topic. You can say your opinion or even cite a trivia or statistics to give color and details to your answer. This type of question will test your knowledge on news and currents events and your awareness of your surroundings and the world.

Questions like if you could have a superpower what would it be and why or if you could make a new law, what would it be and why are questions that incite people's interest. They are the kind of questions that the judges and people would like to measure your creativity and cleverness. To nail these kind of questions, the contestant should be very witty, innovative, and so clever to give an astounding choice with very witty explanation. End the question with a quote or a potent statement to give a lasting impression. 

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