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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Miss World 2014 Pre-Arrival Hot Picks

It's Miss World season once again and weeks before the competition starts we already noticed some stunners from around the globe who we expect to shine through. Although they might look appealing and fierce in the images we see, they might pale and falter as the competition progresses. One of the most glamorous beauty pageant of all will take place on December 14. We will see who among the contestants we expect to shine will ever illuminate us more brighter and cause us more glare and glitter and who among them will falter and their glow will fade. Here's what I have to say before I come up with my own Pre-Arrival picks for Miss World 2014.

I have been watching beauty pageants through the years and I observe how a country fared and placed in beauty pageant competitions. I observe and take note how they behave, act and speak in front of so many viewers and how they reflect on judges impression and somehow I see some pattern but I also notice that definition of essential beauty evolves and differs from each other beauty competition depending on their preferences. Some contestants from other countries make some innovations to set some trends in beauty pageants and also influencing the decision- making in international competition therefore giving them a strong chance for the crown and title while others make some noise to get the attention of the competition although some who made some noise deserving of a high placement some others were only up to the loud noise of the news it receive. Whatever it will be to get a chance for that coveted and often elusive glittering crown, the chosen one is always a stand out someone who visibly and brilliantly shining on that fateful day.

Miss World 2014 will be held at  Exhibition Centre London or ExCeL Exhibition Center in London, England on December 14. More than one hundred twenty (120) candidates from all over the world will compete for the crystal-studded diamond and sapphire crown of Miss World 2014 touted as the most beautiful crown of any major international beauty pageant competitions. Megan Young of the Philippines who made history as the first Filipina woman to win the crown for her country  will crown her successor at the end of the event. In at least a week from now, 120 contestants from around the world will start arriving in London, England for the competition. So here goes  are my personal pre-arrival picks or favorites for Miss World 2014. The list below is in random and in no particular order.

  South Africa - Rolene Strauss

 Albania - Afrovite Goge

  Philippines - Valerie Weigmann

  England - Carina Tyrrell

 Moldova - Alexandra Caruntu

  Scotland - Ellie McKeating

  Seychelles - Camilla Estico

  Guyana - Rafieya Husain

 Ethiopia - Yirgalem Hadish Adhanom

  Poland - Ada Sztajerowska

 Bolivia - Andrea Forfori Aguilera

 Israel - Mor Maman

 Puerto Rico - Genesis Davila

 Portugal - Catarina Sikiniotis

 Netherlands - Tatjana Maul

  Malta - Joanne Galea

 Hungary - Edina Kulcsar

 Slovenia - Julija Bizjak

 Guadeloupe - Wendy Metony

 20. Panama - Raiza Erlenbaugh

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